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First Workout of 2016 DONE!

First Workout of 2016 DONE!
January 10, 2016 Charli Wall



First workout of 2016 DONE!!! Happy new year to you lovely people! I hope you’ve enjoyed your Xmas break as much as I have ?

Found myself in an empty gym this morning which suited me. It’s a bit cold and miserable outside so being inside with some Dumbbells was unusual for me but it meant I got to use the sauna / jacuzzi which was a real treat! ?

As we begin 2016 I hope that you don’t allow your self-doubt, or self inflicted fear creep up on you. I always try to remember that our thoughts are often driven by what we truly believe. I’m always so mindful of how I talk to myself now. I try my best to take responsibility for my own thoughts + actions ?

Your thoughts are your decision and no matter what you WANT to believe about yourself or what you’re capable of.. You are nothing short of perfectly equipped and capable of amazing things ! Have some faith in you!




Charlie x


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