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Recognising Codependent Patterns

Recognising Codependent Patterns
October 9, 2023 Charli Wall
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In the intricate tapestry of relationships, there exists a pattern known as codependency — a pattern that can unravel our well-being and connections.

Embracing awareness is the initial step toward shedding light on this complex issue.

In this article, we’ll journey to uncover the common signs and crimson flags of codependency, equipping you or a loved one with the tools for transformative change.

The Dance of Codependency

Imagine a dance where one partner constantly leads, while the other follows without question.

This dance of codependency is marked by a relentless desire to support and enable, often at the cost of one’s essence and equilibrium.

Signs of Codependency

1. Excessive Caregiving: Codependents are often consumed by the needs of others, placing them above their own. They may feel compelled to fix their loved one’s problems, even if it means neglecting their well-being.

2. Shattered Self-Esteem: Codependents frequently grapple with a fragile sense of self-worth. Their validation and self-esteem become tethered to the approval of others, leaving their inner self overshadowed.

3. The Fear of Abandonment: Deep within the heart of codependency resides an unrelenting fear of abandonment. This fear drives codependents to extraordinary lengths to avoid solitude or rejection, sometimes forsaking their own needs.

4. Blurred Boundaries: For codependents, boundaries become elusive, their own needs often fading into the background. Saying no, establishing limits, and asserting their desires may feel like foreign concepts.

5. Emotional Repression: Expression of emotions can be challenging for codependents who suppress their feelings and need to evade discord or disapproval, leaving their emotions silenced.

6. Control Struggles: A codependent may embark on a quest to manipulate and control their loved one’s behavior, believing it is necessary for their well-being.

*Please read more in my article here where it is continued

Given this complex topic, my colleague Jason Shiers and I, have set up a free group on FB to explore all of these – as part of our unraveling and exploration we are doing a 3-hour webinar called, “Unveiling Co-Dependency and Rediscovering Innate Well-Being”

This will take place this coming Friday at 10.30 am UK time via Zoom

There will be a replay for anyone who registers but cannot make it this time.

Please sign up and register here

This will be an open forum for both men & women:

Unveiling Codependency and Rediscovering Innate Well-being
Our webinar is designed to be a comprehensive exploration of codependency, its impact on mental health, and the healing journey.
It will be divided into three one-hour sessions with built-in exercises and group reflections.

Session 1: Understanding Codependency and Innate Well-being – Introduction

  • Segment 1: Unpacking Codependency
  • Segment 2: Rediscovering Innate Mental Health
  • Exercise: Reflection and Sharing

Session 2: Trauma, Conditioning, and the Impact on Mental Health

  • Segment 1: Trauma and Conditioning
  • Segment 2: The Stories We Live In
  • Exercise: Unpacking Personal Narratives
  • Segment 3: Codependency as a Coping Mechanism

Session 3: Healing and Transformation

  • Segment 1: The Path to Liberation
  • Segment 2: Group Reflection and Sharing
  • Segment 3: Building a Supportive Community
Conclusion and Q&A
What you might get from this – By attending this webinar, our aim is that you will have a comprehensive understanding of codependency, its connection to trauma and conditioning, and the path to healing and rediscovering your innate well-being.
The exercises and group reflections provide practical tools and a supportive community for personal growth and transformation.
We will also be offering a follow-up session for anyone who does register and has further questions upon completion of the webinar, and/ or for anyone who has questions that was unable to attend live.
If you have any questions, please email me back.
Charli x
  • You can find my other ladies-only FB community here
  • If you want to get some sunshine, I am running this year’s Rewilding Retreat in October (16-21st).

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