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Wild Awakening Circle Group







“Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by societies over the last decades. Women’s circles help us to rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, having a sisterhood and being a mother in and of the universe.”
~ Be Woman Project

Circles are one of the oldest forms of social interaction and are making a comeback in Western societies.  Tribes all over the world however, still participate in sharing circles that also include ceremony and ritual, thus creating a safe, sacred space for women of all ages, allowing women to witness the Divine Feminine in and around themselves.

It is a powerful force when women come together to support, embrace, and inspire one another as we move through life’s cycles.

This is the core of what women’s circles teach, that we all have a connection to something deep within ourselves that is asking to be seen and heard.

Bringing women together in a circle to share stories, leaving jealousy and competition at the door. To see a mother, daughter, sister, grandmother standing in front of you, raw and vulnerable, beautiful and strong.

We listen to each other’s stories without judgement and with collective compassion.

This collective compassion is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and each other.

“Charli, I thank you for all you have brought into my life. Your wisdom, your teachings, your openness and love, I am so grateful for having you in my life, and the lovely connections I am now making with other like-minded women”
~ HM

“It’s 12 months ago this month, I decided to ditch Weight Watchers and use the money to join Charli’s Circle Sister Community – it is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made. No more trying to fix myself, as I am absolutely fine as I am. I am not broken (I just thought I was), and now on those days when I feel down, I can feel my innate wisdom helping me through it all, and I am so proud to be living my best life. Thank you Charli for teaching me that I am enough and this wonderful understanding.”
~ DP

Charli’s circle is my safe place..my safety net..& it’s an honour to be a part of this tribe.. ⭕️ Beautiful women who have nothing but support & strength for each other when it’s needed. A total blessing” ~ SJ



My Wild Awakening Circle membership is an honest space where women unite to be seen, heard, and empowered, and where you can learn how to take care of your mental health and well-being from a holistic perspective. I will also be guiding you deep down into your feminine nature, so you can understand yourself more intuitively

My name is Charli Wall and I have coached hundreds of women just like you. Over my years of re-aligning women with their true life path, as well as running a successful health and fitness business, I have learned that when women come together, we can move mountains.

My WAC group takes the best of everything I have learned. 

It is a secure, feminine energetic community that will help you soar – making wholesome choices for your self-care.

I have been where you are. 

I have been to the depths of my soul and back again. 

I want to help you discover who you truly are by teaching and supporting you through life, using the tools that aided me following a breakdown. 

I thought I was broken beyond repair and it took many months out alone trying to find my way back.

But I didn’t give up! Do you know what helped me the most?

Having a support system. Women who understood my challenges and helped me see that I wasn’t alone. 

And this is what my WAC Group will provide for you too.  

Women who understand your challenges because they’ve faced them too – a community of incredible women prioritising their femininity, and their emotional, mental and physical well-being.


“As women have always woven, so we weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have always woven time and the fates, so let us weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have woven seeds into the earth, so let us weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have always woven baskets and tools, so let us weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have always woven threads into clothing and shelter, so let us weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have always woven words into poetry, so let us weave this yarn into the circle of our lives,
As women have always woven, so we weave this yarn with the Goddess who is here with uso
The Goddess is always with us”

~ Barbry MyOwn and Hallie Mountain Wing, “A Ritual Celebration,” Woman-spirit 2, no. 5 (Fall Equinox 1975)

Here is what is included:

Twice Monthly Live Group Coaching with Charli

Monthly Live ‘Ask Me Anything’ with Charli

Monthly Masterclass

Feeling connected to a safe community where you are seen, heard, held, and can practice living from your feminine heart

Access to all of the content of the previous months in the secret Facebook Group

Access to the Circle Sister Support Community

Monthly Meditations

Members only Podcast


Full Moon Group Circle with guided meditations, access to previous Masterclasses, Yoga sessions, HIIT sessions, Female Hormonal and Nutritional information


“The Circle Community has helped me so much that I am not sure how to put it into words, but I feel like a flower that has been very slowly unfurling it’s petals and becoming something quite beautiful which I never realised was there”
~ LD

“I have learned more from the Circle Community in the last 6 weeks than I did in my whole 16 years at school, and the 40 years after that! Thank you Charli, and all of my Circle Sisters”
~ TW

“I have been a part of Charli’s circle group from the very beginning 3 years ago. It was a big decision for me to join but I’m so very glad I did. Apart from the fantastic information, group coaching, amazing guest coaches, nutritional info, exercise, yoga and meditations, there is the sisterhood. The circle is a safe place to share or ask for support, where you will find nothing but love, support and words of kindness and wisdom. What you will never find is judgement. My anxiety and negative thinking levels have dropped significantly and my relationship with food is changing for the better. I will always be truly grateful to Charli and this group for helping me to see life from the inside out “
~ CC

“I joined The Circle Group from the beginning 3 years ago and have grown so much as a person, the understanding that Charli points to and teaches has completely changed my perspective on life. I used to think I was a broken person who had faulty genes causing me to be depressed and anxious but very slowly I began to realise how the mind works and it just clicked into place. After 24+ years of being on and off antidepressants I came off them 19 months ago. I have connected with some lovely women in the group and there is never any judgement only love and support. It is an absolute honour to recommend Charli and this wonderful group”.
~ JL

“Charli, since finding you and this group so much has changed. I’ve listened to your podcasts, vlogs, and I have been introduced to reading books about the 3 Principles. Slowly my thinking has shifted and in August suddenly everything changed. My anxiety dropped away and I have started to love myself, and fully accept myself just as I am, no changes required. I have realised that what others think of me really doesn’t matter as long as I love me. The love and support of this Sister Circle, the interviews, and group chats, and the information you provide in this Circle Community is invaluable to me.”
~ SD

“I’ve struggled my entire life with self-esteem and body image problems. I’ve lost and gained huge amounts of weight over the years. Finding Charli and through her, the 3 Principles, and especially this Circle of Women has finally freed me!! Here is a picture of me in a swimsuit, not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks of my body! This is HUGE for me, and I want you to know that there is HOPE that freedom IS possible”
~ CC

“Although it was a difficult decision for me to make financially, I have never regretted joining Charli’s Circle Group. There I find love, support, brilliant and thought provoking interviews, and amazing women that have helped me enormously on my journey”
~ JL

““I just wanted to post a picture of me this morning as a thank you to Charli for your meditations which I listen to everyday now. I didn’t have a panic attack, my skin is glowing, and my dark circles have pretty much gone. Thank you for the love.”
~ HK

“I felt like I could tell Charli anything without her being judgemental or being condescending to me. She has helped me change my relationship with alcohol and drugs and I am so glad that I found her.”
~ SL

“I felt like I could tell Charli anything without her being judgemental or being condescending to me. She has helped me change my relationship with alcohol and drugs and I am so glad that I found her.”
~ SL

“Since completing the Freedom Course , and being a part of this Circle of Women, my life has changed for the better:-
➔ I stopped believing my life was pointless.
➔ I stopped crying.
➔ My relationship with my husband is 100 x better.
➔ I am able to return to my job and acknowledge that I am good at it.
➔ I lift my head up and smile at people when I walk down the street.
➔ I am making new friends.
➔ My dog has a better life because I am no longer scared to take him out on walks and I am enjoying it!
➔ I am optimistic and hopeful.
➔ I am happy and enjoying life


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join at any time?
Yes, you can join at any time. You will be very welcome 

2. Are all the calls going to be recorded?
Yes! All calls are recorded on Zoom and stored in our secret Facebook Community and downloaded on our Members Only Podcast. Whenever you join, you can jump into exactly where we are! You also have access to ALL of the previous calls and content to watch at your own pace.

3. Does the Circle Membership have a minimum commitment? Can I stop or start at any time?
There is no minimum commitment. Take breaks when you want or go all in. Let your heart and intuition dictate your own rhythm. You are in charge.

4. Do I need Facebook to join?
No, you don’t. Much of the support happens via a WAC WhatsApp chat group. All of the videos and content will be accessed through the secret Facebook Group which is where our Sister Community lives as well. However, everything that gets recorded is also uploaded to a members-only podcast via my Wild Awakening Circle Portal, which you can access via an app. 

5. How do I access the schedule for bi-monthly live calls?
These change monthly depending on my schedule, but you will always be informed via the Circle Sister Monthly Calendar of events, and an email sent from my team to you. 

6. Do you do concessions for women on a low income?
Yes I do, please email me at charliwall@iamcharliewall and let me know your circumstances. You can also message me privately on Facebook here

Are you ready to join us Wild Awakening Woman?