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Courage Dear Heart Podcast

Courage Dear Heart Podcast

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We’ve all heard stories of courage & wisdom from women we admire.

Stories of loss, bravery, and stepping up into the women we were born to be. My name is Charli Wall and my story is one of loss, trauma, addictions, mental health, triumph & courage.

I have worked with women all over the world and the one thing that ties them all together is the raw courage & brave vulnerability I see in them. My hope is that you will listen to these real raw stories from other women and know, without a doubt that you are not alone, and secondly know that you too can find your courage.

We cover all the messy real-life topics that make us human. We can share our battle scars but this time, with a deep knowing that you are perfect & whole just as you are.

You already are the woman you have been searching for.

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About Me

Charli Wall Hero 2
I’m Charli Wall …

and I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you’re feeling right now, I’ve been there too.
Let’s start with losing people who you love – one of the hardest life experiences to bear.
My first major loss came when I was just 21. I am the eldest of three, with a younger brother and sister.
In 1993, my brother and father were involved in a motorbike accident. My brother was killed.
My father was severely disabled by his head and brain injuries, and was left with challenging mental health problems.
This completely shattered my world. I never knew pain like that could exist. It felt like my life had stopped still, whilst the rest of the world was spinning around at an alarming rate.

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