I'd like to give you a gift...



Born. Boom! Charlotte Wall arrives!


Growing up: despite being little, I was very confident and – I’m told – extremely chatty…


Still chatting… Chas & Dave bring out “Rabbit”, and my dad sings it endlessly to me: “You’ve got more rabbit than Sainsbury’s…”


I was proudly rocking the “Diana” hairdo, and rocking out to The Smiths, The Cure + Nirvana.


I left home for the sunny climes of Derby, to study English and P.E at university.


One day changes the course of my life completely. A motorbike accident takes my younger brother’s life, and leaves my dad severely disabled. I go home to Colchester to look after my Dad.


I start training back in Derby as a Psychiatric Nurse at Nottingham University.


I finish my training and begin working as a Psychiatric Nurse in Derby.


It becomes clear that my Dad is mentally very unwell – so I move to Cambridge, and start my work as an addictions specialist.


My beautiful son Zak is born on May 1st. Hi, Zak!


My work in addictions hasn’t gone unnoticed: I’m promoted to set up the Addictions Service at one of the largest teaching hospitals in the world, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge.


Deep breaths: I jump in with both feet, quit my job with the NHS, and begin my Personal Training Diploma.


It’s working! I set up Purple Fitness, and begin training people. I quickly realised that my background in psychiatry and addiction was something that many people identified with – so I began attracting women who battled with secret addictions to food and/or alcohol.


I lie in the mud in my local park with my son Zak and two friends, and decide to start Cambridge Bootcamps. I figured there MUST be other women out there who wanted to train, but didn’t have the childcare available.


Cambridge Bootcamps is flourishing. My alarm goes off at 5 am at least six times a week. I layer up, and drive my van to various parks throughout Cambridge to lead a group of around thirty women through one of my early morning bootcamp sessions. I spend the rest of my days seeing personal clients for counselling and one-to-one coaching. I have a team of fitness instructors working for me, leading camps elsewhere in the city and beyond. My son’s growing up – fast – and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been – but I’m also completely knackered.


Everything falls apart. My beloved dad dies. I end up in hospital. Something has to change.


The year of change. I sell Cambridge Bootcamps, and my house, and embark on an adventure. I train as a yoga teacher in India and travel alone for three months. I discover spirituality, the Law of Attraction, and Sydney Banks’s Three Principles. I begin my Clarity Coaching course. I discover the benefits of working “in”, rather than always looking for answers outside of me. I realise, deep in my being, that I want to continue to help women – but specifically by helping them to gain clarity in their lives, as I’ve done. Oh – and I finally get my much-longed-for puppy, Asha-Rogue.


I’m back. I’m Charli. And I’m ready to help.