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Do you avoid being in your body?

Do you avoid being in your body?
August 25, 2023 Charli Wall

I used to hate yoga 😬

Honestly, I was a fast-paced lady, always rushing around teaching my bootcamp classes, taking care of my son and my father, running, doing crossfit, kettlebell workouts – an adrenaline-fueled nervous wreck!

Over the years, many people recommended yoga to me. However, every time I tried to participate, I would either end up feeling frustrated or find myself sobbing in the corner


I am not exactly a delicate yogi now. I still fall and lose my balance…


After my father passed away and I ended up in the hospital myself, yoga was the ONLY thing left for me.

Years of pushing my body had led it to give up on me.

Gradually, I rebuilt myself through yoga.

I came to realise that despite YEARS of working with my body (and other bodies), I was completely disconnected from my own body.

Over the past few years, I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself to understanding the language of the body.

I am now not only qualified as a yoga teacher but also as a Root Cause Practitioner.

This is precisely why I am incorporating nervous system regulation tools into my upcoming Deep Nature Rewilding Yoga Retreat.

For more on this topic and to learn about my journey, you can visit my vlog:

If listening is more your thing you can find the episode on my podcast here: Episode #46 – Do you avoid being in your body

I would be thrilled to serve as your guide as you delve deeper into discovering your body’s innate wisdom.

If you are interested to learn more, I have a free Facebook community called, The Freedom Group, and I have an upcoming Deep Nature Rewilding Retreat this October’23 where we will be learning about nature, about movement, about the nervous system, and much more.

You can book a call to discuss my upcoming retreat here

Or you can email me on charliwall@iamcharliewall.com

Love, Charli x



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