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Self Care Sunday 06.09.15

Self Care Sunday 06.09.15
September 12, 2015 Charli Wall

Self Care Sunday


#‎SelfCareSunday‬ ?

Happy Sunday to you folks! It’s that time again… Self care Sunday!

This Sunday I’d really like you to focus on your STRENGTHS ?

Yes! Actually sit down and write in a little note book what your strengths are. Try to remember what people have told you that they love about you. Write down any compliments you have received.

Too often we focus on what we perceive to be our negatives + we think bad thoughts about ourselves .. Before you know it those thoughts have become actual “things” that set us off balance or have a detrimental affect on our mental health ?

The negative thoughts can take on a life of their own + can sometimes set off a chain reaction which impedes our happy selves..

So today I only want you to focus on your STRENGTHS! I want you to give yourself some love. I want you to squash those negative thoughts and encourage the positive ones ?

Only YOU can have control of what goes on inside that mind of yours. And our minds are way more powerful than most of us give ourselves credit for ?
Feel free to share some of your strengths below in the comments section! I’d love to hear some of them ☺

Have a lovely day

Charlie x



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