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Can you beat a bad mood?

Can you beat a bad mood?
August 29, 2015 Charli Wall


It is no secret that we all get into bad moods from time to time, and usually we are able to snap out of them. The reasons for being in a bad mood can range from anything like having slept badly to feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Or maybe you did something you regret, or didn’t get your lunch on time (hangry IS a thing!) In any case being in a bad mood isn’t fun, and sometimes we can end up doing something we regret – simply because of our emotions. How many times have you had to apologise to someone and say “Sorry, I was in a bad mood!”

Not all emotions we feel have to be acted upon, so next time you are feeling a little less than chipper, try these easy tips to snap you out of your sad face:

Find Out What Is Causing Your Bad Mood

Have you ever snapped at someone and you’re not actually sure why? There is always a reason for being in a bad mood, even if it isn’t immediately obvious. Before you start being cranky towards others, take a moment to sit back and figure out why you are in a bad mood. Maybe you couldn’t find the outfit you were planning on wearing, the traffic was bad or you are disappointed in something you have done. Whatever it is, by acknowledging it you can reason with yourself and maybe stop yourself from lashing out at others. It helps to keep a note book handy and write things down when they happen. That way we can acknowledge the possible trigger..


Acknowledge It

There is no point pretending you are in an awesome mood if inside you feel like screaming and crying. Acknowledge you aren’t feeling the best and try not to dwell on the negativity of it. And if someone asks you “What’s wrong?” admit you are having a bit of a rough day, but you will be fine. It is good to understand the emotions you are feeling, but not always necessary to succumb to them. Tell yourself you will feel better and think about what you will do later to put a smile on your face. Try NOT to allow the negativity to control your emotions enough to let the bad food in.. This will only compound your bad mood. Trust me I have been there a billion times!


Think About Feeling Better

We all have things that make us smile, whether that be reading a good book, talking to a friend or watching our favourite TV show. When you are feeling less than joyous, think about the one thing that makes you smile, and plan on doing it. If you are having a bad day at work, envision yourself getting home and having a warm bath or whatever it is that makes you happy! I love exercise, this is my THING.. But even that sometimes doesn’t have the desired effect. THINKING about feeling better and getting outside is what I like to do. Have a think about what you can do when you are feeling a tad under the weather (that doesn’t involve a glass of wine ;-)) and if it DOES involves a glass of wine… don’t sweat it!


Take Action

If you are sitting at home in a bad mood, you will keep thinking about your negative emotions. Instead of feeding into this energy, do something to change it! This could be going for a walk, watching a funny movie or making some clean chocolate (Chocolate has mood boosting effects you know!)

Our emotions are directly affected by our thoughts, try smiling right now as you are reading this (a big hearty grin) Cheesy but did it help?? You can’t sit around and wait for your feelings to change, you have to actively make a choice to change them.


Focus On What You Can Change

Many people tend to overthink things a lot, and dwell on circumstances that they have no ability in changing. If you are in a bad mood you might be feeling stressed, overwhelmed and feel like you have a million thoughts rushing about in your head. Try to focus on the things you CAN change rather than worrying about things you can’t control. If something went wrong, accept it and don’t dwell on it – instead focus on the steps you can take to move forward. It is so important to always remind yourself bad moods aren’t forever, and they will go away!

I hope these small tips have helped this Saturday 🙂

Warm wishes,

Charlie x

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