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March 14, 2010 Charli Wall


Are you looking for a NEW and CHALLENGING work-out in Cambridge??

Well, look no further.. I am sure you have heard of KETTLEBELL TRAINING?? You must have – all the celebs are being quoted as saying that Kettlebell training is keeping their bodies trim and toned.  I am sure that in all the glossy mags ie. Closer, Grazia, etc, you will find a glamorous puss of a celeb crowing about how amazing they are 🙂

I have to agree with them, and that is why I am running exclusive one off  ONE DAY BOOTCAMPS. The first bootcamp will be a four hour affair with Kettlebell training; Boxing – With two UK Boxing coaches; a Circuits based class; and a stretch/balance session to finish with.

I also teach Kettlebells on a 1-2-1 basis. I am aware that other classes are being set up in Cambridge, but I am the only female currently running Kettlebell masterclasses in Cambridge. We will look in detail at technique for all the basic Kettlebell moves so that you can use your skills to train at home if you so wished. These master classes will be running every 6 weeks.

Kettlebells are a fantastic weight loss tool  and unlike dumbbells, kettlebells displace weight, so physics forces body awareness and requires you to work against resistance through a longer range of motion. This increases the intensity of your workout and improves flexibility and calorie expenditure. Because the kettlebell hangs behind your hand and rests on your forearm it makes the weight easier to balance. And the handle makes it easier to hold on to for ballistic movements. This more intense workout means that you will achieve faster results in less time.

As this is the first 4 hour  cambridge bootcamp that I am running, I have decided to give the Race For Life guys £5 for every lady who signs up. The cost for this 4 hour training/master class is ONLY £40.

So basically for £40, £5 will go to Cancer Research – You will get a master class in KETTLEBELL TRAINING; a MASTERCLASS IN BOXING – with two of UK’s leading Boxing coaches – a circuits class and a Strength/Balance session.

Kettlebells in Cambridge for women; Boxing in Cambridge for women.. Female total body training session.

For more details please contact Charlie Wall on 07545 284928



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