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March 13, 2010 Charli Wall

I have to say I have been really impressed with the efforts of all of you who have supported me in my attempts to become sugar free. It has been a difficult but worthwhile process and I have learnt a huge amount from books I have read, and about myself with regards to the sugar affliction… Namely that I am weaker than I thought!!! I managed 7 full days without sugar or sugar related products, and was feeling very proud of myself for appearing to break the cycle I had gotten into (Sweet cravings at night ect).

Last week however, the dreaded Blepharitis returned (an infection of the eyelids. Apparently this only happens to either old people or people with Acne!!! GREAT) This has been ongoing since half term, following a clear period of around 6 months. My whole being then began to feel ill/ coldy/ flu like symptoms – Sinus problems – Sore throat etc. Not condusive to feeling on top of this world anyhoo!!SO, I had a glass of wine on Saturday. I justified it quite happily to myself as I had been training in London all day learning about Nutrition (oddly) and how TERRIBLE alcohol is for fat loss/ lethargy problems and general well being. Good work on my part eh?? Sunday, the same. The sugar free body becoming the sugar loaded body again. It didnt take long to begin munching on biscuits either after the wine (Note to self – When will you learn that drinking alcohol creates sugar cravings and leads to BAD food choices!! Muppet)I began reading a couple of books, the main one being ‘The PH Miracle’ by Dr Robert O. Young. This book is a fascinating insight into how having an acidic environment within your body can lead to health problems such as : Fatigue, Weight gain, Depression, Acne, Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, IBS, Mood swings, Chroinc PMT (I could go on)
As you may have probably guessed, one of the main culprits is SUGAR. When we eat sugar it ferments in the body and turns into a by-product called Acetaldehyde. This substance is turned into alcohol by the liver – The effects on the body of these two substances are: reduction in strength / stamina; excessive fatigue, cloudy thinking, depletes the bodies cells of Oxygen ** The less Oxygen we have in the body, the more Alcohol is produced**

Other things I have learnt this week:

Alcohol as you know is the worst thing you can do to achieve fat loss results. It not only LOWERS testosterone (reason we have bingo wings) but it also decreases fat oxidation by a massive 73% – Meaning that for 3 days after drinking the old vino you will not be burning those precious fat stores.

The above symptoms can also all be related to Candida (another wonderful sugar related affliction). The sugar just feeds the yeast, so we end up craving carbs/sugar to feed the Candida, which makes fat loss impossible.

Oh joy! 🙂 My next mission therefore is to give up sugar again but increase the amount of water I drink; Increase the vegetables I eat and try also to REST!!!

I recommend reading the PH Miracle – Plus – ‘Sick and Tired’ by the same author.

I hope this post finds you well 🙂

More to come on the miracle that is PH

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