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October 17, 2011 Charli Wall

This weekend, I was invited to attend a #gymfree work shop run by two PT friends of mine, Mark Raynsford and In-Kilter Fitness as they came to Cambridge just for one day. I have known Mark for a while via various PT support sites/ Facebook and Twitter. We have studied with many of the same inspirational PT’s in the UK and so I knew his training idea’s would be similar to mine. Through Twitter, Mark had met Stuart of In-Kilter fitness, and they had got together to deliver a days work-shop educating many people about body-weight training/ Kettlebell training and Nutrition. They are currently touring the UK delivering their innovative work shop and I was very excited to be meeting both the boys, and spending the day with my Histon bootcamp trainer Laura Banks, and my dear PT  friend Natalie Summers

We began the day looking at our own personal goals, and the boys spent a lot of time giving us useful tools to address each goal with guts and belief. This was quite a difficult exercise for me to do 😉  I spend MUCH of my time going through goals with clients, and (surprisingly or not) have not looked at my own for some time. We were encouraged to share our goals with the group, and then address each barrier to our ‘problem’ so that we had a ‘do it’ attitude and some accountability via twitter to move us forward. So if any of you are twitter fans – look out for #operation …. to see our progress ;O)

We were then taken through a tabatta style bodyweight work out  which was great fun, and yes this did include burpee’s :p

Discussions on Nutrition followed which of course I LOVED as this is my passion, and as both the boys share the same belief system as I do for my clients and bootcamp girls, I knew that this would be reaffirming my nutritional beliefs.

The kettlebell technique class, and work-out in the sun was my favourite part of the day. My new business partner Donna and I have just recently set up ladies only Kettlebell studio in Cambridge (http://www.cambridgekettlebelles.co.uk)  where we will look to start offering Kettlebells for beginners; Kettlebells for Intermediates; Yoga + Abs classes.  #kettlebells in cambridge#

I picked up some very useful tips for teaching kettlebells to our women – and actually, following the ‘Dirty 30’ work-out at the end of our full on day, can actually only now walk properly after 2 days ;o)

If you would like any information on our new Cambridge Kettlebell classes, please have a look at our website here –> http://www.cambridgekettlebelles.co.uk

All in all, I had a fabulous day with Mark, Stuart, Laura and Natalie –> I have blisters on my hand to prove I worked and video’s of my loverly trainer Laura getting her ass whuuuped hehehehe!! (I am wondering how much her  Histon+Girton bootcamp ladies will pay me for those vids? ;))

Our Cambridge Bootcamp empire is expanding to cover Newmarket and Exning, and we have a free trial week this week for ALL locations (see sign up link here –> http://www.signupgenius.com/go/free60)

Have a great week, stay clean and stay healthy :o)

Charlie Wall







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  1. Donna Curtis Pahara 12 years ago

    I would like to hear about your goals sometime!

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