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Questions – Did YOU have one??

Questions – Did YOU have one??
April 12, 2010 Charli Wall

Good day lovely ladies,


Thank you so much to those who came to the 90 min  ‘Kettlebelle Booty Blaster’ camp yesterday.


As promised here are the questions/ and answers summarised for you. Feel free to add any further questions to the discussion, but for now here goes:

MUFFIN TOP/ LOVE HANDLES: “How do I get rid of them”?


The main culprit is ALCOHOL – I know I know – Huge groan – You have heard me say it before ladies but the alcohol HAS to go!!  Think of Alcohol as liquid sugar and a completely useless nutrient that the body cannot handle. Alcohol reduces the number of fat cells you burn for up to 72 hours after drinking – Basically the body will use the fuel from the Alcohol calories before any other fuel. The alcohol gets turned into a substance called Acetate. Therefore as acetate levels rise, your body simply burns more acetate, and less fat. In essence, acetate (alcohol) pushes fat to the back of the  calorie burning que. A single bout of heavy drinking will also increase the production of cortisol which in turn destroys muscle tissue (The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be and the more fat burning enzymes you will have in laymans terms).


A single glass of white wine 125mls has approx 100 calories – That is approx ONE unit of alcohol. Red wine has more calories and a large glass of red/white is 3 units. Therefore if you go by the equation that most bottles of wine are between 12-14 units, how many extra calories are YOU consuming???


ALSO – Refined carbs are the enemy – SERIOUSLY!!  If you have love handles, this is directly related to how many bad carbs you are eating. By bad carbs I mean white bread, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits and all those wonderful sweet things!! (Sugar Love)  And to be honest unless you are an elite athlete brown bread and pasta should also be off the menu. Replace with higher amounts of veg and fruit. Be creative with your meals. See the Food Porn group on here and make some of the wonderful recipes that you lot have shared with the rest of the women on here.


To summarise – If you want to lose the ‘Muffin Top’ I would advise that you:


1. CUT OUT the alcohol completely (Or at least for a period of 21 days to change the habits that you have formed)


2. CUT OUT all refined carbs.


3. Increase vegetables and fruit intake by 100% especially GREEN veg.


4. Take a good quality fish oil. I am a practitioner for Aliment Nutrition. I recomend Omega Plus Finest Fish Oil Capsules   

If you say that I sent you when you phone and order the product it should be sent to you super quickly. Take 2 caps 3 x daily with food.

Linda mentioned Udo’s Oil, which is a similar supplement but without using actual fish. This product is gluten-free, fish-free and suitable for vegetarians.


5. Increase your WATER!!!!!  ++++++


6. Increase your intake of green tea.


7. Supplement also with L-Carnatine (as mentioned by Anna) . I have done a little research on this little supplement and although I have never used it, it appears to aid in the oxidation of fat in the body. Now whilst I only recomend buying from credited wholesalors ie. NOT H+B etc, I found this reputable product http://sportsnutritionvlog.com/products-page/protein/kinetica-recov…  which combines a protein powder with L-Carnatine.


8. Remember this one simple rule. You cannot out train a bad diet. That really is the bottom line. If you are doing the same classes week in week out, the amount of calories you burn will DECREASE as your body gets used to the exercises. Your body NEEDS to be challenged – which means adding Interval Training to your w.o (as we do at bootcamps) a min of 3 x weekly. Change your own w.o routine every 4 – 6 weeks; and add resistance training into your training program.


I will continue this article soon, as the other questions seemed to be relating to foods, and when is the best time to eat after exercise etc.


If you have any further questions on the above please DO write them below.


I found the Q+A answer session very interesting and positive however,much of this information is already here on the site, and much is common sense. We did also speak about denial and ‘starting to be healthy tomorrow’. I guess you need to have a good hard look at your eating/ drinking patterns and ask yourself HONESTLY – How much do you value your body? Enough to eat/ drink cleanly to become the sexy goddess I know you are ;))


See you soon,


Charlie x



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