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Awakening to Your Embodied Self: Discovering the Power of Being IN Your Body

Awakening to Your Embodied Self: Discovering the Power of Being IN Your Body
August 25, 2023 Charli Wall
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Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you” Gabor Maté

Before we come together as a united whole, it’s really important to connect with and express our uniqueness because this chance hasn’t come by easily before.

Our idea of who we are often comes from the roles we took on to survive, how others see us, our culture, beliefs, and the world around us.

Our feelings and emotions are still growing and can be tangled up in hurts, separations, or getting too mixed up with how our family, partners, or kids feel.

To fully make our spiritual side a part of who we are, we first need to recognise and embrace our own special self and genuine nature.

It’s like putting together a puzzle of who we are deep down.

“Trauma” means feeling broken inside and seeing the world as broken too.

When someone’s been through tough times, they might feel like they don’t have clear boundaries or they’re trying to build really strong walls.Telling them, “You’re connected to everything,” before they know what their own personal boundaries are, might make them feel even more lost and disconnected.

Growing and changing happens step by step.

If we try to skip ahead or push ourselves too hard into spiritual experiences, it can actually make things worse and keep us feeling hurt and apart

Before we try to rise above everything or go beyond, it’s super important to connect with our own bodies.

These days, many of us forget about our bodies and that’s not good.

Saying, “I’m more than just my body, I’m more than just my thoughts,” can be tricky if we’ve spent a long time feeling distant from our own bodies and our own feelings.

Feeling far away from things is a big sign that we’ve been through tough stuff.

For someone who’s tried really hard to stay away from pain by pushing it aside, hearing stuff like, “Your body doesn’t define you,” might sound nice because it seems like it’s pushing the pain away.

But pushing away pain also makes it pop up in other ways, which just makes us hurt even more.

There’s a step we should take before we say, “I’m not my body,” and that’s saying, “I’m inside my body.

This step can be tough because it means facing parts of ourselves that we’ve ignored, hidden away, or felt ashamed of.

It might bring up things we’re scared to deal with.

It’s not just about facing the tough stuff, though.

It’s also about embracing our natural instincts, feelings, and even our spiritual side.

All of that is just as important as working through the things that have hurt us.

Expansion, healing, and awakening cannot be forced or rushed; as a flower cannot be forced or rushed to bloom or a river to flow.



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