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November 11, 2014 Charli Wall

Not me personally… 😉  But my lovely coach Pam who takes our Histon Road Rec camp is our guest blogger today ..


Here is what she has to say about her CAMBRIDGE BOOTCAMP experience.



 “Yes, it is true, I have lost a 6kg kettle bell of fat in my two years at CBC. I joined CBC in November 2012 in something of a panic. I had signed up to walk 100km in 30 hours the following July and had not done any serious physical exercise since having my hip replaced six years’ previously. I liked working out in the darkness of Cherry Hinton Park. I felt less conspicuous as I huffed and puffed. I had very little strength or mobility, and my hip problems meant that I was intimidated by the idea of running, so just did speed walking instead. Charlie and all the women were encouraging, non-judgmental and supportive. I went back, and back again. I went three times a week all winter. I started running. I did my first burpee. I learned to swing a kettle bell. I did a press up. I did that 100km in less than 30 hours and joined crossfit. Last week I did a 10km race in one second under an hour (yes!). I have now trained to run boot camps and lead the very wonderful Histon Road crew on a Friday morning.

I love boot camp. It’s a really important part of my life. Charlie keeps me safe from injury and always provides new challenges. The women are fantastic – so good natured and warm. Here are three things I have learned that help me maintain my commitment:

1. My natural weight is about half a stone more than I would like it to be. This really does not matter. My increased strength and fitness means I am much less likely to get diabetes, heart problems, dementia or osteoporosis. I have dropped two dress sizes and my bum looks good in jeans!

2. There is no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing. I wear seals skinz socks during the winter. Not a cheap option, but my feet are bone dry and they work well with my running shoes. Waterproof gloves are essential, and wicking tops stop me getting cold after a workout.

3. Progress is not even, or easy to spot. Far from it. It comes in bursts, then seems to disappear for weeks or even months. Sometimes I have weeks where I feel I am going backwards. It can feel hard to keep going. But I have never felt bad after a boot camp. The regret only happens if I don’t go.

CBC offers an alternative to living a sedentary life indoors. It’s invigorating to be outside in all weathers. It’s great to be muddier than my kids sometimes. It’s wonderful to be part of something that is about celebrating what I can do, rather than what I can’t, and I really value being part of a community of amazing women.”


Thank you Pam, the ladies and I are honoured to have you on the team as a current boot camper who has come along in leaps + bounds with improved confidence in your body and your overall progress. 


We do have a few offers going on at the moment in the lead up to Christmas if you were keen to make a start now.. 


1. The 21 day Challenge –>  Simply for anyone who wants to join us for three weeks starting Monday 17.11.14 ~ You’ll have access to everything!

2. SUPERWOMAN SUNDAY with myself + Gez our lovely boxing coach. That is THIS SUNDAY 16.11.14! 

3. Ongoing TRIBE (Our online support bootcamp for those who cannot make our normal sessions) HUGE SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT of lovely ladies all around the UK

4. We are running a 4 week Nutritional Program and taking in only 10 ladies.. The onus will be on Hormones/ Coaching for females and you will get a 4 week meal plan. If this is something that interests you please email me at cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com This starts on Monday 17.11 also. 






Charlie x



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