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Embark on a Journey of Deep Nature Connection

Embark on a Journey of Deep Nature Connection
August 17, 2023 Charli Wall
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When I first went to Spain in 2017 after my father died to spend an entire week rewilding with Neil Hill, deeply connecting in the Deep Nature Connection Course, he told me about doing a Medicine Spot Practice.

A Medicine-Spot is a designated place in a natural environment where an individual sits quietly and observes their surroundings.

This practice is often associated with nature connection, mindfulness, and personal reflection.

The idea behind a Medicine-Spot is to develop a deeper connection with nature by regularly visiting the same spot and paying close attention to the changes and patterns that occur over time.

It can be a way to relax, practice mindfulness, and gain insights into the natural world.

Have a listen as I explain what a ‘Medicine Spot’ or ‘Sit-Spot’ is:



Our digital high pressure age can take us away from the truly important things in life.

Clean rich air, the touch of the earth, sitting beneath trees and listening to the sounds of the wild.

Above all, the time to just be, here now, as we are without the need to be anywhere or anyone else.

This is the essence of our Deep Nature Connection Retreat.

If you are interested these are some of what we will be covering during your 5-day immersion:

This is a beautiful five day immersion and journey into the heart of nature.

It is a unique opportunity to rewild your senses, souls and bodies in the magnificent sub-tropical forests and mountains that overlook the ocean and then on to Africa.

This is where we will sit, allowing nature to find us and the trees and birds to come to us; there is no need to seek it, just to be still and to allow it back in.


Many of us live in nature disconnected times and a busy urban existence can leave us far from the healing and restorative power of the natural world.

For too many the contact with nature is brief and superficial.

Yet even these fleeting moments spent with nature can become rich in meaning if we could but participate in the wild conversation that surrounds us.

This retreat is designed to help you understand that conversation and connect with nature in a deep, fulfilling and profound way.

It is also an opportunity to completely unplug from that busy modern world; to recharge and reset yourselves in this oasis of natural beauty and calm.

During your stay you will rewild your heart and soul, relearning the ways of the Aboriginal and the nomad.

From meditative sitting, yoga, meditations, group circles, and listening to active mindful movement through the wildness you will be taken on a journey back to your true natural selves as you walk with nature and not through her.

This 5-day immersion will include: 

• Learning the language of the birds and how this tells us what is happening around us

• Reading the story of the landscape like one would a good guide book

• Learning how to find and track animals and then to sit quietly with them

• Developing and reaching out with all your thirty senses

• Allowing nature to heal and relax as we bathe in its restorative powers

• Reconnecting to your wild roots as you unplug and tune in to your surroundings

• Finding wild foods and medicinal herbs

• Discovering and using plants to dye clothes, make rope and baskets

• Using the stillness we find in nature to unlock our creative mental brilliance

• Two Yoga practices per day, one Vinyassa Flow in the morning, and one Yin Yoga session in the evening.

• Welcome Circle, and Circles dotted throughout the week. One Circle will include learning about your nervous system, and practicing somatic ways to move your body.

• Beach visits, Forest Bathing & wild lake swimming.


Each day will begin with an element of meditative sitting in nature as we gradually reveal the conversation around us and what it means.

As we move deeper into this great wild conversation it becomes apparent just how connected it is and how it crosses species boundaries.

In many ways it is the original world wide web of information.

Then taking this peace with us we will move off into nature on our daily quests, which will culminate with each of us choosing and creating our own ‘medicine spot’ after the manner of the Native American.

It is here that the real magic will happen as we realise that the supernatural is no more than super nature and that we are an indivisible part of it.

As well as immersing ourselves in nature we will also be nourishing our bodies with beautiful, organic, seasonal and local food, supplemented with wild food that we find.

The water will be taken directly from the mountain spring where it flows from the rock and aromatic herbs will be collected to strew around our camp.

This is a latter day rite of passage and a liminal journey which will leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected to the great beauty that surrounds us.



Would you like to join me?


Please just send me a message either by emailing me on charliwall@iamcharliewall.com or message me on Facebook


You will be very welcome, The dates are October the 16th to the 21st of this year.


You can sign up to see the Spanish Rewilding Itineray here


Love, Charli x


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