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May 5, 2011 Charli Wall

Day 3 – Cambridge Personal Trainer ….. Takes the day OFF!!  So, day three is nearly finished, thank GAWD!  I have mainly today hidden from the world.. I literally haven’t had a day off for quite a few weeks (the old work /life balance that needs to be addressed *see goals) So today after waking up like i literally have been on an all nighter (oh those were the days 😉 I decided that I would cancel everything, turn the computer and phone off, and just STOP.  Clearly I am still detoxing from the devils of caffeine, sugar, carbs – and realising JUST how much I relied on my caffeine to get me through the day.

I’m not even a heavy consumer of caffeine, but my mocha’s were a part of my daily ritual.. I could even go as far as to say that I was addicted to them. I loved going to Starbucks every day, queing up, ordering my short mocha, waiting in line, and then rushing off to my next assignment. It was literally a 2-5 min stop that become as important to me as that actual drink. The annoying thing was, that after every mocha, I didn’t particularly enjoy the after taste and knew that in approximately one hour I would be starving!!   I KNEW this was my blood sugar level dropping but I still acted out this ritual every day. Silly addiction.

I am sure that most of you know about what sugar does to the body, but just in case, I will explain a little bit about it here. When we consume sugar (sweets, cakes, high GI foods, alcohol, sugar in tea’s and coffee’s) we create a hormonal response from the Pancreas. The pancreas releases Insulin to contol our blood sugar level. The Insulin therefore binds to the sugars to take them to the liver (for covertion into Glycogen and fat lipids) The Glycogen will be stored to be used for the muscles, and the fat lipids are very obviously stored as fat.   IF your muscle glycogen stores are already full, then the preferential conversion will also be to FAT cells.

IF our Insulin levels are spiked constantly then our bodies start to ingore the Insulin, which leads to the sugar circulating dangerously in our blood unchecked. Insulin Resistance (as this is called *high Insulin) can lead to :

Adominal Obesity, fatigue, depression, Acne, hypertension, Irregular periods, low sex drive, Infertility, PCOS,  Heart Disease and kidney disease.

Foods and Factors that can disrupt Insulin production and sensitivity :>

E no’s + food additives

Chemicals (Hormones are chemical messengers)


Many prescribed drugs

Plastics (Zenoestrogens disrupts Insulin)

Lack of exercise

Hi GI Diet



How can we manage Insulin :>

The best thing we can do is EAT CLEANLY, making nutritonally sound food choices.

I would also advise (If you are worried about any of the above symptoms – but NOT without eating cleanly) – Fenugreek – Reduces abdominal fat; R-ALA; Ashwaghanda; Magnesium; Siberian Ginseng.

Please do not think that the above supplements are to be used INSTEAD of a clean diet, as this should be your first step.

As for me, I have stayed in bed for most of the day feeling ‘ill’ with a dodgy tummy and a very DAZED feeling in my head. I will be taking Magnesium and Zinc tonight to aid a restful sleep and help with the mamangement of Insulin. I take Siberian Ginseng and DIM in the morning.

Take a look at this awesome video on youtube by the wonderful Mike Mahler (I had the priviledge of training with this guy a few weeks ago in E’burgh)

I will talk about supplements some more as we go through this course of blogs. However for today, I am glad it’s over and looking forward to feeling fresher and lighter both mentally and physically.

Hoping all you Cambridge Bootcamp girls are still doing ok :0)

Charlie Wall




Cambridge Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach :0)

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  1. Claire Ashdjian 13 years ago

    Fantastic reading Charlie. Makes me glad I eat clean as a way of life now, and don’t have to put up with the horrible detox symptoms. (not much help, am I?)
    #cue smug grin#
    You’re amazing and I’d never be this healthy without you as my mentor x

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