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100 Days left….

100 Days left….
September 24, 2009 Charli Wall

I have been inspired to write this post by a colleague of mine who talked about goal setting and accountability… And it got me to thinking about my goals fot this year, and more importantly where the hell has this year gone already???

There are 100 days left of this year.. Or maybe by the time you read this there will be 99 days left of 2009.. Next year my son will be 10 years old!!!!! EEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!


But what do you still need to achieve? I am writing this blog as I want to be accountable for my goals over the next few months of this remaining year..

And what better way than to be accountable to you guys.. I want to write my goals down and then make sure you all kick my butt to achieve them 🙂 I hope to be able to do the same for you… IF you tell me what your goals are..

My Personal Goals for 2009

1. I would like to reach out to at least 100 more women in Cambridge and inspire them to be the best that they can be
2. I would like to increase the number of bootcamps I run, and of course find an indoor venue for the Chinton evening girls
3. I NEED to focus on getting rid of negative influences in my life (those of you that know me well will know what this means to me)
4. Pay off my credit card debt!! :-p
5. Continue with expanding my business and making a difference
6. To write and organise a readable and accessible Nutrition plan for this site
7. Focus on positive affirmations

My Fitness Goals

1. To improve on my nutrition and to achieve a proper bona fida 30 day detox
2. I would like to re-start my fitness regime since slipping up from having the Swine Flu
3. Train at least 3 x a week on top of the classes I already teach..
4. Have a goal to my training
5. Improve flexibility and frequency of stretching

So girls, (and boys) tell me what your goals are.. Let us motivate each other .. 🙂



Charlie Wall



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  1. Kevin Raison 15 years ago

    I just finished writing my magic 100 yesterday. Can’t wait to get them ticked off.

    Here are a few Business goals…..

    1. Get over 30 articles printed on the internet (Last time I did this was when I worked for Dax and worked a treat)

    2. Get 251 members on my Kick Start Boot Camp Facbook group

    3. Have over 300 members attending all of our Boot Camp each week

    4. Lecture at Oldbury College of sport about the importance of nutrition with biosig, and muscle testing

    5. write on my blog each week

    That’s only 5 of the 100 but I really believe goals only become goals when you share them.

    If you keep them to yourself they’re just a secret!

    Good luck with your goals Charlie. Maybe we should make sure we both complete ours now…

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