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May 3, 2011 Charli Wall

hey, Day one for me on the 30 day Elimination plan as set out in Cambridge Bootcamps  –  I have been planning this for a while, and feel particularly motivated following my 6 day internship with Dax Moy – The UK’s leading Fitness Coach – Certainly when we looked at the Endocrine system it seems to start with the LIVER!!  Detos this baby and you should be sorted for pretty much everything :0)

You see most of the things we eat and drink affect the Liver in a negative way (I am talking about if you are eating or drinking non – nutritionally sound foods and H2o ) – This in turn affects our hormones – which leads to all sorts of nonsence in our systems , mainly unsightly body fat – eeeek!

I will go into this in more detail over the coming weeks, but for today will stick with my goals and objectives of this plan for me.

Day one: Size 10/12 – unsure of weight as I never weigh myself. But clothes are beginning to feel tight;  Skin = Terrible; Mood = aggravated; Energy level = Poor

My reasons are fairly simple, like many women I deal with a lot of stress in my life, so I need to re-address the work/life balance. I always thought I was eating ‘OK’, and obviously doing a lot of exercise.. Well, you have heard that saying, you cannot out train a bad diet.. – You cannot out diet a bad endocrine system.  This is where I am at. Tired all the time, literally (unless I am teaching, then I get a real buzz) — wake up ok, but feel like I could sleep in the afternoon. Once the evening comes (I work around 17 hours a day which I KNOW is detrimental to my health) , I am exhausted.  Sometimes when I sleep I wake up in the night, and never really feel ‘rested’.  This seems to be a viscous cycle.

If I have my monthly ‘friend’ I tend to get VERY sore breast’s and VERY moody prior to the actual event. Once it’s there I get a lot of pain in the first 2-3 days.

Over the last few months I have noticed more fat around upper back, under arms, tummy, and ass.. NICE :0)

So, I am turning 40 next year and 2 months ago, my family found out that my mother had breast cancer, and that I also had pre-cancerous cells in my Uterus. My mother has been undergoing  radiotherapy following her lumpectomy, and I will be having a mini operation this month to remove the offending cells..

There is relevence to all this detail (I promise)  I figure I am quite similar to many females out there, and my mother is only 20 years older than me – That is not much.  But we are both products of the society that we live in today.  Convenience and Chardonnay 😉 Throw in some relationship stress, work stress, sleep stress, food stress, glug that down with a bottle or two of Tesco’s finest, and we have a health issue most of you will relate to..  Or not, because maybe you think it is ‘normal’ to get cold’s all the time, feel tired after 8 hours sleep, get PMT, feel moody, have high blood pressure, acne, IBS, depression, anxiety, food cravings, shakes and irritability if you do not eat.. I could go on? Add some below if you wish…

The point is, none of these feelings are ‘normal’ – we just get used to feeling shit and living for the next glass of wine/ chocolate/ crisps/ fag (insert substance of choice here) – then go to the Doctors because of excema, asthma, antibiotics, depression etc etc  (starting to see my point??)

My deal is this:  At the moment, I am feeling pretty shoddy. I work hard, and play pretty hard too.  And by that, I mean I exercise A LOT, and work A LOT, and have had a few parties thrown in for good measure. I am not young any more, and losing weight isn’t the easy task it has been pretty much my whole life.  Hormones are not optimised and I am feeling that actutely.

My aim is to stick with good food and liquid choices. I have always had an addictive nature, and this seems to get worse with age (cognitive function cementing patterns in the brain) – hence why I have a self sabotaging nature I feel, however, given the warning my body is giving me now… (I think it has been warning me for some time, I just chose to close my ears) , focus on ME, try to REST and sleep before 11pm (I have found this increasingly difficult with an 11 year old son who wants to stay up!!) EAT WELL, plan and prepare, make time to exercise (believe it or not, i really struggle to find the time which is VERY annoying for me)


1. To completely focus on eating clean and drinking clean. No more Mocha’s for me , oh no!!

2. Focus on my mental clarity, eating well = mental clarity and focus

3. Think postive thoughts about self daily. Self love NOT self loathing

4. Write and keep this ‘diary’ to share what I learnt last week I (and last year) re Nutriton choices, liver health

5. Meditate daily

6. Work on the WHY’s of this being so important to me right now.. Let me know if you want to know this

7. Make time to exercise, and get sports massages.

8. Do NOT rely on the numbing effects of food or alcohol to deal with very difficult life stressors.

9. Be kind to myself.

So I have completed day one.. As have most of my Cambridge Bootcamp girls who are doing their own 30 day challenge – worked as usual for the full 17 hours. Not sure how I can make that easier though (I did manage a power kip after lunch)

Food today:

Brekkie-  Scarmbled egg, avacado and an apple

Lunch – Silken Tofu salad with spinach

Dinner – Prawn curry (alone) cooked in coconut butter and milk with green veg.

Drinks, water, herbal teas. Supps tonight will be magnesium and zinc based.

More to come tomorrow :0)

Charlie Wall




Cambridge Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach :0)

Comments (7)

  1. Donna 12 years ago

    Very honest xxx

  2. charliewall 12 years ago

    Thanks Donna, you really are my rock.. Thank you xx

  3. Claire Ashdjian 12 years ago

    Great to read Charlie and I can’t wait to learn some more about you. MOCHA????????? Charlie, (tut tut, you’d say the same to me!!).
    My mum’s only 16yrs older than me, so you’ve really given me a heads up on “hereditary” diseases.
    Love you.

    • charliewall 12 years ago

      That is the interesting thing though Claire, and what I will be exploring. Cancer is NOT hereditary in my family. This is a direct result of todays society, and in my mums case (I am sure she wont mind me saying) – a good wealthy living.. rich food and good drink. Estrogen being the dominant hormone that causes breast cancer.. she thought it was OK to drink SOYA whilst going through the menopause.. Anyway, I will touch on these subjects at a later date. I have been drining soya milk for about 5 years … 🙁

  4. nadiya midgley 12 years ago

    Wow Charlie, u continue to amaze and inspire me – good luck babe 🙂

    Now – MOCHA!!!! You little so and so 🙂

    I’m really glad I found you actually, and that you are getting into the liver/endocrine system/hormone thing in a big way – you have the skills and training to turn that kind of knowledge into a genius easy-to-grasp part of the rest of your advice .. .. I need to know what you work out by the end of this process 🙂

    For me the hereditory illness is bad insulin management – the men in my family die young, heart disease, diabetes, depression … blah blah blah. The women get heart disease and diabetes and cancer (literally none of the men live long enough for cancer to make a big mark) …. it’s partly genetics, but mainly lifestyle and years and years of living ‘the good life’ … er, abusing ones self basically 🙂 Hitting every trigger.

    I realised this was happening when I was quite young as my symptoms (hormonal ones and physical ones) pointed at where I was headed – an uncle had similarly started young. I did not want to accept that it was inevitable, specially as people criticised his lifestyle so much. Also, my fertility was caught up in it (hormones) and death would suck for all the kids I wanted to have 🙂 So far I have managed to beat my rubbish fertility (yaay!) and stave of diabetes and heart disease. I am winning so far, but by the skin of my teeth really, I was raised to not be fit, not take care of my body (stupid family culture GAAAAH) and my journey brought me, as you know, to you.

    Hurray for you!!!!!

  5. Judith 12 years ago

    Hey flower, nicely written..looking forward to following your journey xx

  6. sarah 12 years ago

    Hey Charlie
    Good luck on your journey and goo dluck with the cell treatment – went through that myself last year so know how you feel! Sx

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