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May 1, 2011 Charli Wall

Having  just spent 6 days interning with the UK’s leading Fitness Coach – Dax Moy –  I can  honestly say that I have been pummelled, decompressed, facilititated and blown away with knowledge – and that actually this was some of the best 6 days studying of my life. I have spent A  LOT of money on my education, particularly since becoming a self employed health professional and consider it my duty to keep moving myself forward to be the best that I can be.

I am hoping over the next coming weeks to talk a bot more about the subjects I learnt and how these valuable snippets can have a direct inpact on your health (mental and physical) and subsequently fat loss goals.

Part of what struck me quite hard was the damage I was doing to myself  just through external and internal stressors and how this is having a major impact on my ability to train well, eat well and particularly my mental clarity.

I will be exploring over the next 30 days (possibly more) my own bodies capabilities doing the elimination diet as set out in the Cambridge Bootcamps Nutritional SMART plan, looking at hormone manipulation and how Adrenal Fatigue can affect weight, mood, digestive function etc

I hope to be as honest as I can during this time.

Given the title, I consider myself to be more than a Personal Trainer (Cambridge Personal Trainer) who just deals with exercise. I pride myself on being the best coach that I can be to the women who train with me, and following the last 6 days internship, I feel quite proud of what I have achieved in this area.

Today is my son’s 11th b’day, tomorrow I will plan and prepare for the next 30 days.

Have a good BH w.e

Charlie Wall


Cambridge Personal trainer/ Cambridge Fitness Coach



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  1. Donna 13 years ago

    I am beyond excited to hear about your Daxperience 😉 Seriously! x

  2. nadiya midgley 13 years ago

    HEY Charlie
    Glad to read this and have been quite excited the last few days realising you have been studying adrenal fatigue and endocrinal stuff .. .. whatever it is you have learned has certainly inspired you, and am looking forward to benefit from whatever you translate it into! Whatever it is that lets hormones loose in me does odd things (not to script) and this confuses most of my doctors – except my specialist, she is ace (she’s an endocrinologist) and her understanding, and her way of getting me to get a feel for what is wrong and what to do has been invaluable – learning to read ones own body and trust ones self. She knows nothing about fitness though and is sketchy on nutrition – quite black and white about it “eat steak keep the insulin level”. So, work on!

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