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Episode 69: Ask Me Anything

Episode 69: Ask Me Anything
December 12, 2022 Charli Wall
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These were the questions that got sent to me:

1. Paula
Still really struggle with feeling good enough, now I’m going through peri menopause this seems to be making it worse. What can I do, will I ever change how I feel about myself? X

2. Bindi
I have been in this conversation for around 4 years now ..it has def changed my life my anxiety and so so much more ..but 1 thing I still struggle with is independence …before my anxiety hit in my late 20s and 2 breakdowns .. I was super independent…now in my late 40s eek ..I still rely on my hubby too much especially for driving ..I’m still scared of venturing out alone 🥹

3. Simmone
Can tinnitus be purely mental health or emotional health related and be nothing to do with what’s going on physically? If so, how does one pinpoint the root cause and come to a place of being free of it? Thank you 🌹

4. Jan
Charli since losing my daughter in 2014 to cancer, she was my on child 😢 I do my very best to get through the grief ( I know from your posts you have experienced big grief ) . Victoria was 32 when she passed, not married no children she still lived at home, due to not bring able to afford a home on her own , she achieved a degree with open University, but never got to receive it as she died before getting her results. Her Dad and collected her Degree at a big ceremony which was so hard.
Apart from the pain and heartache of her not being here 💔 I struggle with how her life has been dismissed by family they never talk about her , the few close friends I had have either moved or went quite with me since she passed.
Why ? Xx

5. Debbie
Hi, I have been trying to lose weight for a while and not getting anywhere. I am 55 I have Fybro and going through menopause. Any suggestions please x

6. Tyson
I’m curious about emotional repression and trauma being stored in the body, which can cause blocks and physical pain & i am looking for your thoughts on that. I’ve been exploring that myself and it still seems like it comes down to thought but there’s energy in the body that seems to be there that isn’t from thought. I’m wondering if it’s necessary to see where that comes from or why it’s there. And if you can actually “process” it or “clear” it. Thank you so much for your time

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