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Episode 67: From ADHD and suicidal ideation to a life of peace with Andrew Mckee

Episode 67: From ADHD and suicidal ideation to a life of peace with Andrew Mckee
November 21, 2022 Charli Wall
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Today’s livestream #couragedearheart guest was Andrew Mckee.
He has experienced #ADHD all of his life (was only diagnosed at 48) and lived with a lot of suicidal ideation & unhappiness for most of his life.

In his late 40’s he met Steve Chandler, and George & Linda Pransky at a conference which introduced him to the 3 Principles, but it was meeting psychiatrist Dr Bill Pettit who really turned things around for him.

One of my 1st podcast episodes is with the lovely Dr. Bill and you can find that here: (HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU LISTEN TO THIS!)

Andrew in his own words.. “has been given the gift of knowing the difference between Who I Am and who I thought I was. This gift of knowing changed my experience of life from one of suffering to one of peace. I now have the label in the life of being a Coach who serves others by helping them experience this knowing.”

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