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December 31, 2010 Charli Wall

As we head into another year, I wanted to take this time to reflect on the accomplishments of this past year, which in all honesty have been immence. Out-Fit Cambridge Boot Camps has literally gone from strength to strength.  I started with just one little camp at Cherry Hinton Hall, and at the beginning of 2010, I had started the Parkers Piece Camp, the Cambourne camp, and the 9.30am camp at Histon road rec. Despite only sometimes having 4 wonderful and loyal ladies in each, we continued come rain or snow (with some very motivational trainers on board at that time also (Izzy and Noel) – Last year the snow was worse than it has been this year, and the sheer determination of those girls who got up for a 6.30am camp will never cease to amaze me. I will always be grateful to Noel and Izzy who started those early morning camps for me, and wish them both well for the future.

I took over the Parkers Piece camp in around April time, and at the same time I found the most wonderful trainer in Mike Baron. I had trained some 4 years ago with this young man, but he blew me away with his infectious personality and banter with the ladies. It was at this point that we began the Coldhams Common evening camp, and Mike made this a huge success introducing boxing to his camp, and all the ladies had great fun whilst losing inches and feeling more confident about themselves for their holidays. Some women (in all the camps) were able to wear bikini’s for the first time in their lives – This is a phenomenal thing to be a part of and witness.

Dan Bellingham took over Cambourne camp, and again, took it to new heights, began hill sprinting with the girls, and they too saw huge gains in their fitness and weight-loss.

The lovely Laura Banks began our Histon camp – At the same time we re-launched the majority of the camps and made them a thrice weekly training program but kept the cost the same – This meant that now the girls trained 3 x a week for the 4 week block, and whilst following the Nutritional plan were able to gain in strength and confidence. Laura has done a fantastic job with the Histon girls, and I hope she continues to stay and grow that camp as her sheer determination and hard work has been an asset to Cambridge Boot Camps.

We lost Mike and Dan sadly, but gained Alan Stamford and Ben Vincett – Both awesome trainers in their own right, great with the girls, very knowledgeable, and very motivational.  So, that see’s us at the end 0f 2010 with 6 boot camps, and 4 superb trainers.

I started the kettlebell/ Muay Thai Boxing boot camp this year – We met up with Ryan Rudkin who is a highly respected Muay Thai coach in Cambridge and set up the very successful 3.5 hour Saturday camp. I incorporated Kettlebell Coaching, an Abs session and a Balance session whilst Ryan gave the girls an hour of expert Muay Thai coaching- all in his amazing studio based behind Newmarket road. The girls love this day camp which takes place every 5 weeks, and I am very proud of this addition to the camps.

From a personal perspective, I have spent a lot of money on my own education, and studied with a guy named Phil Richards who has probably single handedly taught me more in one year than I have ever been taught in my life. His passion is Nutrition and Health. He believes that if you are Nutritionally aware, and kind to yourself with food, you will become healthy and therefore be at the weight you were pre-destined to be. A firm believer in the law of attraction myself, I listened to Phils Knowledge, and continued my own research. This is an on-going process for me, as I learn all I can to enable my clients to have all the information available to them, so that they can make informed choices about food and drink and thought patterns, and the impact this has on their overall health and well-being.

One of our biggest achievements has been that Cambridge Boot Camps was asked to be the official boot camp provider of the Sartan Race. This race was a very popular event in the USA, and Cambridge saw the first and only race of this year in the UK. Run by Selica and Richard, we provided a Spartan Boot camp on Jesus Green, film crew in tow (I even managed to pursuade my 10 year old to take part 🙂 Many of the Out-Fit girls took part in this 5k race, we ran together the whole way, we were a formidable team – and we smashed it. I have never seen determination like this, and it was an absolute honour to be a part of. Fear’s were broken, spirit was high, and none of us had done anything like this before. We were ELATED afterwards, the high and feeling of achievement was phenomenal. Bring on next years race :0)

The camps have grown and grown, and this is all down to the A-mazing women we have on board. The support they show each other at the camps and on the support site is something I have never been a part of before, and is a true reflection of the calibre of women Cambridge Boot camp attracts – Strong in mind and body, kind, generous, supportive, determined. Even in some sub zero temperatures these girls come out and power through the work-outs smiling, follow the Nutrition plan, support each other though highs and lows. I am very very proud to know and work with these women, and its to you that I owe my thanks for the success of the Out-Fit camps. THANK YOU x

I would also like to thank my admin girls, firstly Rachel Yoxen who was a god-send  (and hoping to get her back on board at the camps in Jan 😉  Secondly Donna Curtis Pahara, without whom I wouldnt be where I am heading as we go into 2011. Bright wonderful women who are a pleasure to work with.

This year, I have met and worked with some inspiring trainers from around the UK, and would like to personally thank – Paul Mort, who has mentored me through the years and helped me more than he will ever know; Dax Moy – a constant source of wisdom, knowledge and kindness; Tim and Sam Goodwin – who put up with my panics over techy stuff, and calmly sort it (me) out; Cat Lawford – my friend and fellow trainer who is also kind , wise and very funny; Dan Thompson – who helped me very early on get the first website up and running without which I would not be where I am today; John Cusick – who is not only easy on the eye 😉 but is a real geek when it comes to techy stuff, and has believed and supported me through this last year; Maddie Carson – a bright, funny amazing woman who I am inspired by; Sarah Tickle – another very inspirational, insightful woman, a vegan and a true friend; Phil Richards – who has shown me the light when it comes to Nutrition and Health, and to whom I will always be grateful for that; Sarah Rippel – a trainer in the USA, an honest upfront, fantastically knowledgeable, takes no shit kinda trainer, a woman who inspires me daily, and who I hope to meet some time in the future.

There are many other trainers whom I have worked with, who are at the top of their game, who inspire me daily, whom I have had the privilige of meeting this year on the various courses I have done, but there would be too many to mention here, so just to say thank you to them for always being true to themselves and changing lives daily.

So as we go into 2011, may I say to all my clients (1-2-1 and boot camp girls) a very happy new year to you all, your sheer strength and determination make my job a pleasure, I hope you all get what you deserve in this upcoming year, and I will continue to invest in myself to thank you all for investing in me.  2011 is going to be even bigger and brighter, I hope you stay with me for the journey.


Charlie Wall



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