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November 23, 2010 Charli Wall


I know a lot of you have been waiting for the winner to be anounced…

It has seriously been one of the most DIFFICULT decisions I have ever had to make since the Cambridge Boot Camps started.  This has also been the BEST challenge for many reasons so far. I set this challenge up for the girls to get in shape and feel confident for Xmas and to go flying into the New Year confident and sexy. I regularly do the challenges for the girls on the boot camp so that they follow the Nutrition plan and get the best results from the boot camp experience.

The support on the private members support group is vital for those attending the camps as the girls form friendships, have accountability, and have a sound nutrition plan to follow for the duration.

Soo… anyway…. This challenge has far exdeeded my expectations.  The girls from all the camps have come together, supporting each other, educating each other, motivating each other, and above all gossiping with each other :)))

We have had songs daily,  ‘Scampi+Chips’ , self reflection and some PHENOMENAL results… The most someone lost was 11.5″… The minimum lost of total body measurements was 6.5″   This is in just 28 days!! 🙂

However it was NOT about the amount of inches lost… More important to me was the journey that the girls took, how they could make changes for life to their Nutrition, confidence and accountability…

Think I have rambled enough?????????

The WINNER, after MUCH deliberation was a toughy to choose.. ALL the women have been amazing, gone on honest soul searching journeys, and hopefully made changes for life permanently..

The WINNER is……………………………………

*******JULIE VANN*******

It was a very very close race, and If I could have given the prize to all who took part I would have done, but Julie won because she showed an honesty I haven’t seen before when writing about her journey, and has given an emotional and raw account of her own personal challenge. She has also written so much during the challenge that has inspired others to think about their own eating behaviours, and this has been a catalyst for many other soul searching posts.

WELL DONE JULIE.. 6 blocks of boot camp are yours..  WELL DONE ALSO to all of the girls who completed the challenge , who have made friendships, showed determination, will power, taken action and changed their lives for the better.


Thank you all so much, for just being amazing girls, and a pleasure to watch grow.

Here is Julie’s blog and pictures following her 28 day challenge:

“My whole life I have had the “fat girl” mentality. I was always a bit chubby through school and like most people that got me bullied. I was generally bigger than most of my friends and after a while you just begin to believe that you are that person, it begins to define you. I used to put myself down and joke about my weight as I figured that if I said it first and put it out there then no-one else could say it to try and hurt me.

For as long as I can remember I have been on a diet; I’ve counted calories obsessively, done Weightwatchers, Slimming World, I’ve tried them all and I did have some success with them, but I still wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be. About a year ago I started to look more at nutrition and what I was actually putting in my body, but having the knowledge was not enough, I actually had to put it into practise and that took willpower and effort, and I just didn’t have it.

Then I heard about Cambridge Bootcamps and went along for a trial. I was terrified and I had that insecure, scared feeling that always used to be associated with team sports and exercise classes. But once I got there and found that everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and the only person I had to compete against was myself, all my fears went away and I found myself enjoying it, even looking forward to it! Who’d have thought I love to work out in the rain?!

I had recently completed one of the challenges with some success before this one started and I figured I would give it another go, it’s only a month after all…but this challenge turned out to be a completely different experience to the last one. It became about much more than just dropping a dress-size. With the incredible support and understanding of the amazing women doing this challenge with me I have gained so much more than just weight loss. I have taken a long hard (slightly uncomfortable) look at myself and made a conscious decision to change some things about myself that I have been in denial about. There was always an excuse as to why I was overweight, there was always a reason I found to justify that treat, and I told myself I’d do some exercise tomorrow…but now I have set clear, defined goals for myself and through the chat, support and occasional vent on the forum I am finally working towards those goals and I know that I will reach them.

This is the best I have ever looked in my whole life and I love it. I love that I can wear clothes I would never have even dared think about, I love feeling confident and most importantly I have finally understood that I am not “on a diet”, I have just changed my diet for the better, and it is here to stay. I still have moments of self-doubt, I think every woman does, I think that “fat girl” will always stay with me in my head but I am learning to not listen to her and know that I can do anything I want to do if my put my mind to it, and work hard for it.

I need to thank you girls. Every single one of you has helped me through this and made this challenge amazing and I so hope that we can keep the forum and the support going as we all continue towards our goals xx””



Charlie Wall



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