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Freedom from obsessive thoughts about food, habits, and/ or drink

Freedom from obsessive thoughts about food, habits, and/ or drink
September 6, 2023 Charli Wall
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Many of us have dieted intensely in the past.

We may have transformed ourselves inside and out, we may have got into incredible shape, fallen out of shape, felt trapped, desperate, controlled by food, helpless. I get it.

And I’ve certainly been to all of those places.

Around two years ago, I put my foot down and refused to ever have food control me again.

I was miserable, fed up, pissed off, and felt helpless.

I made the decision to stop stressing…I was just so tired of the constant stress of it. I stopped. I pulled back. I let myself be.

I gave myself the benefit of the doubt.


I refused to be tied to the idea of perfect and I started going for the idea of progress.

I did my best, and let that be enough.

And the incredible thing was that I actually lost weight.

Letting go of my dominating thoughts around food and body image culminated in me changing my external appearance with no effort or stress.

I had spent YEARS fearing that ‘a letting go’ would have the opposite effect – it didn’t.

I didn’t gain a whole bunch of weight, I didn’t stuff my face.

I simply went through my day letting food, as a priority, take a backseat.

This was a revelation to me.

This is ultimately the battle between needing to be perfect, versus just allowing yourself to do your best.

When we strive for perfection and we miss (which, we always inevitably do because long-term perfection is simply unattainable), we end up disappointed.

But when we strive to simply do our best, we are never disappointed!!

Because we are always, in each moment, doing what we can. 

And “our best” can be different day-to-day.

Last weekend I traveled back to Wells-Next-The-Sea, ate a wonderful meal, spent time with some friends, and at no point did I berate myself for eating the “wrong” food.

I didn’t do any type of training and because I am no longer obsessed with what to eat and what not to eat, the whole experience was a pleasant one.

I was just me – with no thinking about who and what I *should* be or look like.

And this week I have pretty much done the same. A smidgen of exercise, but no plan.

And this is the best I can do at the moment. I am ok with that.

I am ultimately okay with whatever.

I look healthier on the outside because I AM healthier within.

I am no longer dominated by thoughts about how I look or what I “should” or “shouldn’t” eat.

And I think, if you have the courage to try this approach, you will find the same true for you.

Letting go in your mind doesn’t necessarily mean letting go in all areas of your life.

With letting go comes freedom, and usually, freedom from the control thinking, food, or drink has over us.

Could you try to simply do your BEST?

Your best thinking is always guiding you whether you realise this or not. 

If you feel ready to gain freedom around habits of behaviour or thought, I have an 11-day self-study programme available at just £33 called, FLY: FIRST LOVE YOURSELF 

I want to help you find your own voice.

There is nothing missing. 
There is nothing that needs fixing because you are not broken. 
If this has sparked your interest, please watch this video from Ginette, one of the first generation FLY-er’s about her experience of the program and how her binge-eating melted away. 

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