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What are the stories you are living?

What are the stories you are living?
August 22, 2023 Charli Wall
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Have you ever stopped to think about the stories that you live within day-to-day?

In our intricate journey through life, we often find ourselves entangled in the intricate web of stories, narratives that weave themselves into our consciousness, subtly shaping our perception of reality.

These stories, though intangible, hold immense power over us, dictating the boundaries of our aspirations and the extent of our self-belief. At times, these narratives are like ghostly echoes from our past, remnants of experiences or encounters that etched themselves deeply into the fabric of our being. Other times, they emerge from societal influences, cultural norms, or comparisons that have seeped into our minds over the years.

As you enquire, “What are the stories you are living in?” it’s an invitation to delve into the labyrinth of our thoughts, to unravel the threads of these stories that might have unwittingly shaped the course of our lives.

These narratives, however subtly, can lead us down a path of self-doubt, insecurity, and unworthiness, shackling our potential in a trance-like state.

You might wonder, where did these stories originate?

Some sprouted from moments of vulnerability, perhaps a childhood incident that left an indelible mark on our self-concept.

Others might have been fostered by societal expectations, the pressure to conform to predefined norms and standards that sometimes clash with our true essence.

These stories, like silent whispers in the wind, can linger in the corners of our minds, influencing our decisions, relationships, and aspirations without our conscious awareness.

The captivating aspect of these stories lies in their ability to perpetuate themselves.

Once they take root, they intertwine with our thoughts, creating a self-reinforcing loop. Each time we encounter a challenge, these narratives rush to the forefront, casting shadows of doubt and inadequacy over our capabilities. They become self-fulfilling prophecies, dictating the outcome before we even dare to take a step forward.

But awareness is the key to breaking free from this cycle.

By shining a light on the stories we’ve been living in, we gain the power to redefine them, to transform limiting beliefs into empowering truths.

It’s a process of reclaiming agency over our own narrative, of acknowledging the origins of these stories while recognising that they need not define our future.

In the pursuit of rewriting our stories, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

We challenge the narratives that confine us and embark on a path of self-compassion and self-love.

With each conscious step, we chip away at the foundations of unworthiness, replacing them with a newfound sense of empowerment and possibility.

So, as we reflect on the stories we’ve inhabited, we realise that we have the capacity to be both the authors and the protagonists of our own narratives.

By unraveling the origins of these stories and choosing to rewrite them, we invite transformation and liberation, stepping into a world where our potential knows no bounds.

Today I am speaking to how we can innocently get caught up in stories which don’t serve us, that keep us trapped in a trance of unworthiness – where did they come from, and how they can keep us gripped. โฃ


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