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Weeks 7 and 8 of Storm Force w.o’s

Weeks 7 and 8 of Storm Force w.o’s
April 29, 2009 Charli Wall

Again, I have to apologise for the slackness in my writing this update for you weekly –  BUT I have completed weeks 7 and 8 of the JON LE TOCQ programme which will soon be unleashed onto the public!!

As has been fairly typical of this programme I have enjoyed the work-outs and they have been kept short, intense and rather sweet 🙂  Loads of Interval Training ; too many burpees to mention and at one point i think I had to do about 50 squat thrusts in a row.

I love the Glute ham raise – I find this a very powerful move working the butt and the ham-strings (back of legs) – I have done a video of myself performing the exercise I just need to work out how to edit it etc (Where are my techno geek friends when i need them!!!??)

Week 8 was described by Jon as a practice week – so the intensity was slightly lower – However – I had a problem in that we were launching BTS at our gym which encompasses Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Attack and Combat. As an instructor it is my job to team-teach (with my friends) a high number of classes during the launch week. I had been told by Jon that if I ignored the ‘rest week’ it would be to my peril – I figured – haha!!! I am invincible – I am feeling strong and my inner panther is ready to strike …….


This is now the beginning of week 9 and I have been shattered for 6 days, unable to do the w/o’s this week – and barely able  to teach the classes I have got. I am feeling a tad foolish – but in my defense it is my job to teach, and I do love the launches – just rubbish timing 🙂

Now, the other thing to mention is that I have been ‘trying’ to maintain my eating along the guidelines of Brad Pilon of ‘EAT-STOP-EAT’  I did complete 2 separate fasting days during week 7 , however, during week 8 i was doing 5 classes a day at some points I decided not to fast.. Too dangerous… I am still not convinced if it works for me yet.. I have struggled with food at different times in my life – and my feeling is that unless you are very stable and have no issue with food then it could probably be a good thing.. If you are like me and have ‘issues’ with food it may lead to binge eating or extending the fast period. So, I still remain undecided about Fasting FOR ME.. I do know it has worked for some people, and i have had feedback from others that they do not like it – but for me, I am as yet unsure how I feel ..

Ok, the other reason I have been quiet is that  I have been setting up my own bootcamp for ladies in Cambridge. We have our first successful 4 week camp running at the moment. Check out this link for a few funny photo’s and one ladies journal in the local AGENDA magasine.

They have all joined the supportive community called http://www.out-fit.ning.com where they receive support, acknowledgement, training tips, exercsies and recipe ideas


I have decided to give myself the week off training this week to fully recover from this exhaustion that has taken over me – It is just as important to have a week off training every 5-6 weeks to prevent burn-out or over-training, neither of which are particularly pleasant!!

Take good care




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  1. cat lawford 15 years ago

    Charlie – you have a lovely writing style – and you are doing the right thing to take a week out for sure – now I’ve seen what you’ve been up against.

    I’d forgotten you had a wheat thing (like me AND Austin).
    Yukky stuff.
    Gotta go – the appretice is on!

  2. thefightgeek 15 years ago

    Thanks for commenting about the eat stop eat thing.

    I have been following a few people who have tried it. Some love it, some hate it.

    I suspect you’re right, in that, it suits some people and not others.

    And keep up the good work with your bootcamp 🙂


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