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Weeks 4 and 5 of Storm Force Work-outs….

Weeks 4 and 5 of Storm Force Work-outs….
April 7, 2009 Charli Wall

Hey guys,

I have been a little slack in writing recently, and I am supposed to be writing a weekly blog for these work-outs, the 12 week challenge that has been given to me by fellow PT Jon Le Tocq.. It is a conditioning w/o based on Intervals, kettlebells, speed and strength training. I have to say at this point that I have never enjoyed my training as much as I have on this challenge. Last week was slightly more challenging due to the fact that I was quite ill, and struggled to get all the w/o’s in. I was exhausted and had a head cold which was fairly annoying to say the least 🙁

Part of my problem is that when I feel down in the dumps I then struggle with my nutrition.. I have already been tested as positive to candida and allergic to wheat. This means that all wheat based products affect me, and that ALL sugar products including alcohol have a bad effect on me and cause quite severe lethargy, sometimes even causing extreme mood swings.. So, to fill you in, I had been to a hen do at the beginning of week four and the actual wedding at the beginning of week five. We are supposed to be following a clean diet during this 12 week period, so having alcohol is not a good thing.  It was my choice to drink the evening of the hen do, and I was aware of the consequences of my actions. When I attended the evening of the wedding there were a few snacks that were wheat based, and as I was quite hungry when I got there (after a 2 hr drive), I ate the bread and cheese that was available. The reason for me telling you these details is because these bad food/drink choices had a terrible affect on me both physically and mentally. I put on half a stone in 2 weeks, and became extremely tired, sluggish, sleepy and unmotivated. It was even more apparent to me by the very notion that I am having to document my w/o’s and take weekly photo’s. I understand fully that I have a difficult relationship with food, and that when one has a food intolerence it is usual to crave the ‘bad’ food which has the awful power of making me ill.

So, this last 2 weeks has been a strong learning curve for me with regards to Nutrition and how I treat my body. My strength, stamina and enthusiasm were all affected by my choices, and I am aware that this may hinder the overall results of the conditioning programme.

We have been advised to start following Brad Pillions ‘Eat-Stop-Eat’ programme. This programme advocates fasting 2 days a week for a 24hr period. When I read the book I was excited by the information in there and it made real sense to me, as a woman who obssesses about food. Most women I work with obssess about food in one form or another, whether they over-eat, or under-eat – I certainly do not know many women who have a healthy body image or healthy relationship with food. I make it my job to explore this issue with the women I work with as I do have personal experience of this all-consuming mind-set. I am just not sure tho, if I have ever given myself the same care and attention.

My challenge for the coming weeks is to explore the ‘Eat-Stop-Eat’ philosophy and progress to encorporate that into my own lifestyle. I did complete the challenges set by Jon, however I am aware that week 5 was rather a write off in terms of my energy levels.

I had my birthday on sunday and I have reached the grand age of 37. I bought myself a little present,a book called ‘Sara: Book 1’ written by Ester and Jerry Hicks who also wrote ‘The law of Attraction’ These books talk about the power of positive thinking and how your thoughts become things; how we can manifest negativity and pain by dwelling on them…  My plan is to manifest the positive in my life, focus on respecting my body, complete the challenges and have fun with them, but most of all have fun respecting my own body rather than working against it.

Please do leave a comment if you have experienced any of the issues that I have written about, or if you would like any advice about eating disorders.

Charlie Wall


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  1. thefightgeek 14 years ago

    Everyone seems to be trying this Eat-stop-Eat business … let us know how it works out for you …

    Don’t beat yourself up about your eating decisions … it’s all a learning process …


    And Happy Birthday!

  2. charliewall 14 years ago

    Thanks again Kira.. I will let you know how I get on with it!! 🙂

  3. nikki 14 years ago

    Hi there…….great blog. I fasted twice last week and it was kind of ok but this week i have only done one and have decided to stop as it just doesnt suit me. I found that on the days i could eat i over ate and was always hungry. I usually have a good healthy eating habit and just feel with this i have lost control !! So back to what i know is good for me……..guess it just doesnt work for some people………have a good week.

  4. Hey Charlie..

    Sounds great! Hope you had a fab birthday! I have been off the grid since Thursday night but hope to get back to my blogging later today.

    Keep it up mate and good on ya treating yourself to a wee prezzie!


  5. Gavin Adam Wood 14 years ago

    Hi Charlie, I really liked your blog: both the openness and relaxed nature of your ‘voice’ but, of course, what you have said has a resonance with my own habits and, I would imagine, most people in truth (certainly those of us who frequent the gym).

    I wanted to add a male perspective and say – I know you know this, but men often do not open up about it – that eating and self-image issues do not only affect women. I have never been tested for any intolerances, and don’t think I have any, though I try to avoid bread in my diet ..I also try to avoid any processed food. …”try to”. I wish I didn’t think so much about food, but, hey ho, I do…!! Thinking ‘too much’ means that sometimes I under eat to compensate a ‘fat’ day, and the fluctuations can get very extreme at times.

    I must say, the idea of fasting for two days a week sounds dangerous (to me) and I would interested to see what you make of it and how it affects your energy levels …my feeling is it can’t be good for you, unless it is done once every few months and coupled with a sedentary, passive few days of relaxation – a bit like a detox. Is it an absolute ‘fast’ i.e. nothing at all? I presume water is drunk but are you saying no solid food at all? I will take a look at the link, but it would be really nice to hear more about it on your blog and to hear what you make of it. Take care.

    Gavin x

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