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Week 6 and back on track

Week 6 and back on track
April 16, 2009 Charli Wall

So, following from last weeks blog where I was struggling to get my nutrtion on track, I really feel that I have nailed it this week, and have again had great fun with my work-outs.. I have been doing jumping squats, glute exercises (awesome), interval runs and strength training.. Every day different and each bringing new challenges. I feel stronger as each week passes.

I have also done my first fast as per Brad Pilon’s ‘Eat-Stop-Eat’ book. I completed 24hrs without food. I started at 6pm and went thru till 6pm the following day. I drank green tea and water and even completed one w/o during the 24hrs. I felt quite grumpy/lethargic at about 4pm, but otherwise I was fine. So, I hope to continue with this way of eating for at least the duration of the programme.. (Not everyday obviously, but maybe once or twice a week).

I have already started week 7, as this blog is late… Easter and school holidays 🙂 Dontcha just love the school hols???

I am pleased to say that aside from illness, everything else is going well, no easter eggs for me and I am not even craving them 🙂

My own out-door camp starts next Tues www.out-fit.ning.com… More to come on that subject later..




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  1. thefightgeek 15 years ago

    Hmm …

    Sounds like this Eat Stop Eat thing isn’t stuffing you around too much!

    Think I’ll keep watching other peeps use it for a while more before I decide whether I want to have a play with it 🙂


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