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Week 3 of Storm Force Work-outs :-)

Week 3 of Storm Force Work-outs :-)
March 24, 2009 Charli Wall

Ok, so i got through week 3, and I have to say I really really enjoyed my work-outs this week.. The first w/o involved getting  a pack of cards and an exercise was assigned to each of the different types ie. a joker was 200m on the rower.. The heart was to complete an amount of squat thrusts.. During this w/o I had to do some pull-ups.. Now I have never been able to do a full-pull-up.. So I did a negative pull-up, where by I got myself up, then attempted to hold myself up for as long as possible – then repeat. The next day I could barely move my arms !! haha!! It was great!! 🙂

Again the w/o’s are based around Interval training and we are using Ketlebells alot.

I have also been trying a new diet out which I will write about at another time… I am going to see how I get on with it first before I give you my verdict..

I have been taking pictures, but thus far am reluctant to post them. Am waiting to see if  ‘the boss’ Jon Le Tocq forces me to put them on here weekly ;-/

Apparantly week four is easier… ((Hmmmmm)) I have a hen do Sat night, so will be letting my hair down slightly this w.e but will definitely be back to it from Sunday

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  1. thefightgeek 15 years ago

    A few of my friends have used that ‘cards’ idea when they work out. Sorta sounds like fun. I’ve always liked adding a bit of randomness to workouts every now and again.

    That reminds of a fitness game you might like …

    Pick a tv show you like … Assign various exercises to the main characters and every time their name is mentioned do the related exercise.

    Me and a few of my mates used to do this to Southpark when it first came out … They were surprisingly tough workouts … and lots of laughs too ;P


  2. charliewall 15 years ago

    Hi you, It was a fab w/o from the pov that psychologically i didnt know what was coming next, so I was completely focused and didn’t experience that mental failure b4 physical fatigue..

    May have to give that tv show idea a go.. Altho it would just be me and my boy in the front room!! hehe!!

  3. ivy 14 years ago

    I Agree!

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