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The Kettlebell SWING

The Kettlebell SWING
February 1, 2014 Charli Wall

Hello all 🙂

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far despite the rain..   I was practicing my Kettlebell Swing this morning with a colleague and we managed to swing my lovely NEW 32kg Kettlebell.





This makes me VERY proud, however we have a long way to go.. You see we are training for a very specific kettlebell certification called the SFG ( Strong First Level 1) which we have to complete in May of this year. As you may have guessed by the name of the course.. we have to be STRONG! We cannot get away with being weak coaches on this course.. we literally have to be tested on all the moves after a gruelling 3 day training schedule.

I am excited about it, but also fairly petrified. We will be tested on our swings, but also we have to snatch the Kettlebell 100 x in less than 5 minutes AND hold ourselves above a pull up bar for 12 seconds. They would also like us to be able to complete 3 strict pull-ups. At the moment I can complete half a pull up + that is a mini half 😉

Following a rather indulgent Christmas and then getting poorly for the first two weeks back at Bootcamp my training schedule took a hefty nose dive, and my mind set has been one of PANIC! So, I am writing this blog in the hope that I can keep updating about my progress to make me accountable to YOU LOT (as I am always asking my ladies to be accountable)

Luckily I have some amazing coaches around me and my colleague/ friend Amber of LoveFit Training is doing it with me. Hence the training sesh this morning in my studio (or rather my little log cabin) 😉

I LOVE coaching Kettlebells I honestly see some fabulous results with my clients using them and I am excited to be the best coach that I can be teaching them. We use them A LOT at bootcamp but tend to stick to the basic moves just because of the size of the groups. My girls are gaining confidence though and little by little increasing the weight of the kettlebell that they swing which in turn makes me extremely proud.

If you have seen people swinging the Kettlebell and wondered what the hell it is I will try to explain here.




Kettlebells date back almost 300 years possibly further than that + they were used by the Russian strongmen in circus acts. They have been associated with strength ever since and were made fashionable the world over for training purposes when Pavel Tsatsouline (a trainer for the Soviet Special Forces) popularised them within the united states.




The kettlebell swing itself is the MAIN QUEEN of Kettlebell moves which teaches the Hip Snap, strengthening the whole body. They are AMAZING for women in helping to strengthen the whole of the posterior chain = Back, Bum, Hamstrings, IF DONE CORRECTLY! They will increase your power and endurance AND strength in a very positive way! The very nature of training with Kettlebells means that they  build high intensity training, which in turn leads to fat loss in all the areas women want to lose fat – namely the arms, waist, and thighs. Women who work out will commonly desire to have strength without the bulky appearance of a body builder. Training with kettlebells is not designed to increase muscle mass but rather to build strength by increasing the amount of lean muscle tissue.  I have trained with this amazing woman Lauren Brooks (I have blogged about her previously) She is a mother of two and HUGELY STRONG! AND not at all BULKY 😉 press-lauren-sponsorship


SHE is always my inspiration when training! :o)

I will be running a beginners Kettlebell workshop next Sunday the 9th Feb and a few of you have asked me about this workshop..

                                  ——->    https://www.facebook.com/events/659309307440653/   <—- FB event details

I do have places available  We will be covering the swing.. For those who already have this technique I will bring HEAVIER KB’s . Many of you *ahem* could do with a refresher though 😉

We’ll also be looking at the Turkish Get up; Windmill, Kettlebell Rack position, IF i have enough time i’ll go through the clean technique… BUT for those who would like more of an advanced workshop say below and i’ll find some time to do that too at a later date 

Please let me know. This is next Sunday.. I am excited about it as always.


I hope to either see you on Sunday OR keep reading to keep ME accountable with my training.


See you soon,


Charlie x


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