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  • Apr262024


    She’s the kind of woman who lives by her own rules, following the beat of her own drum – her…

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  • Oct092023

    Movement and The Nervous System

    Many people in my field tend to overly intellectualise their emotions. While this isn’t necessarily a negative trait, it often…

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  • Sep282023

    At the Core of your Femininity lies a Magnetic Essence

    At the core of your femininity lies a magnetic essence. You embody qualities of compassion, softness, tenderness, vulnerability, gentleness, and…

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  • Aug242023

    Bridging Love and Liberation: Navigating Emotions and Body Image

    The first time I ever recognised that I had a “problem” with my body weight and appearance was at the…

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  • Aug012023

    Episode 76: How Unseen Trauma Shows Up a conversation with Charli Wall and Jason Shiers

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  • May232023

    Episode 75: Anxiety for Mental Health Week

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  • Mar012023

    Episode 74: Ubuntu – I am what I am because of who we all are with Robin Lockhart

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  • Feb132023

    Episode 73: Embracing your vulnerability & humanness as we lead from love with Jacqueline Moses

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  • Jan302023

    Episode 72: Live Coaching Demo – A lady who struggles with crippling anxiety, self-concern & making herself invisible

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  • Jan162023

    Episode 71: Courage Dear Heart with Jan and Chip Chipman

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