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July 2, 2009 Charli Wall

THIS BLOG WAS WRITTEN BY MARIA OF http://www.aspace2b.co.uk/index.html

Put Yourself First …. Put Your Health First!

 The following is a summary taken from my workshop and talk on 30/6/09 at the David Lloyd Gym, Cambridge. In partnership with Charlotte Wall personal trainer at http://www.purplefitness.co.uk/

I introduced the idea of small ‘doable’ goals that we can set our selves from time to time knowing that most of the time we achieve them and all is good.

Then there are the Big Hairy Audacious goals that are big, super and really stretch us. Such goals aren’t set routinely and most people don’t think that far ahead or that big, however they can be good to really stretch us really get us going for what we really want. Usually at some point working towards our goals we become stuck, de – motivated and some say it’s those ‘mental blocks’ that cause everything to grind to a halt. Now this ‘stuckness’ can take the form of : –

1. Procasternation: – Putting it off, those thought patterns that say “oh I don’t have to do it now, I’ll be more enthusiastic after the summer, oh it can wait, I’m OK anyway what’s the rush” … you know the kind of thing!

2. Rationalisation: – The analysing and the rational brain concludes ” … actually I don’t need to exercise more really because I’m on my feet all day” or ” I’m Ok my Grand mother lived until she was 90 AND she smoked so I guess I’ll be OK”. You rationalise and think it through to the conclusion that suits you, that of course keeps you in your comfort zone and keeps the status quo.

3. Resistance: – Simple refusal, often you get so close to getting where you want to be and then you think “forget it, this is totally exhausting I’m not doing anymore” and you walk out of the exercise class, the gym or sack your personal trainer. It’s a child like response that has served you well in the past however there are times when you sabotage your own success with such reactions.

Underneath and the centre of these three is fear!

Fear of success Fear of failure Fear of the unknown

The fear is feeding limiting beliefs, beliefs about ourselves that we hold as true. They are the biggest single block to fulfilling your potential!

They are thoughts of not quite measuring up and are ways of seeing ourselves that are rigid. Often accompanied by the inner critic, the voice inside that criticises for example when things don’t quite turn out as expected “I should have known, why am I so stupid”. Huge blanket statements we make about ourselves can be limiting for example “I’m not adventurous” or “I don’t do parties, I’m not a socializer’.

They are myths but feel very real as it’s the way you see yourself however beliefs about oneself can change and do change.

After introducing limiting beliefs and giving examples I then set the group an exercise to explore their own limiting beliefs. We had feedback and discussed a little more.

Looking forward to the future I invited the group to jot down – “what would you like to have done by the end of the summer” or “what goals are you setting yourself this summer”.

A brave and wonderful volunteer came forward and I coached her to her goal using very simple questioning and visualisation technique. I asked the audience to notice our body language and our interaction. Then it was the audience’s turn, they were then taken on a journey using visualisation and precise questioning. This then led them to having the very first step they need to take to reach their goal this summer. They were invited to write it down to take away and I have issued an open invitation to all to contact me and let me know how they get on.

I hope the couple of hours we all spent together will enable some to really think about how they approach their health and fitness goals and ultimately the way they see themselves. “

A HUGE thank you to Maria for presenting this work-shop, and to all the wonderful people who attended 🙂

Charlie Wall www.purplefitness.co.uk

Maria Varallo www.aspace2b.co.uk

“I really enjoyed the evening and a big thank – you to all who attended your input was much appreciated.”

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