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July 24, 2009 Charli Wall


As one of Cambridge’s busiest Personal Trainer’s I hear many many excuses as to why people CANNOT exercise. I do find myself getting slightly irritated by this as the benefits of exercise (not purely from an aesthetic point of view) have been well documented. So with all the amazing benefits of exercise, why do most of us procrastinate about exercise?

Is it because the mind has an amazing ability to fabricate a list of excuses as to why we shouldn’t exercise? I know I can be as guilty as the next person for creating an excuse not to exercise, but I also know that when I have done it, I feel sooo much better. The advantage of the work-outs that I do, and that I advocate take little more than 20-30 minutes.. I am sure if you just got off Facebook, or up from the TV you could find 30 minutes?

What excuses to you hear yourself saying?

It’s too early in the morning!

Getting your exercise done in the morning (before the day starts) is a great idea. However it is very tempting to hit the snooze button. Just think how guilty you will feel all day, knowing you didn’t get your exercise done.

It’s too cold or it’s too hot!

If it’s cold, dress warmer or exercise inside. It won’t take long to warm up once you start exercising. (My bootcampers would testify to that!!) If it’s hot, exercise in the early morning or later in the afternoon – just make sure you have some water!!

I’m too tired!

Even more reason to exercise. Exercise energizes you and you’ll feel fantastic when you’re done.

My muscles hurt!

Keep going! A slow walk is better than nothing. If your knees hurt ride a bike or go for a swim.

I don’t have the right shoes or the clothes!

Training shoes and clothing can be bought fairly inexpensively nowadays. eBay is a great place to buy inexpensive trainers and have them delivered to your door! Even car-boot sales are a good place to find a bargain!

I’m too fat and I will look stupid!

I know this excuse is quite a pertinent one as I hear this a lot, and I have in the past felt this myself. As you know I advocate exercising outside or in the home, so if you follow the plan on the out-fit site you should see results quite quickly and feel the benefits almost instantly. Regular exercise, with the right diet, will strip all that excess weight in no time. It is important to start and keep consistent. It looks better seeing an overweight person out walking, rather than in a MacDonald’s!

I don’t have the time!

I am sorry I just do not buy this excuse. People make time for all the things that they want to do including being on the internet, meeting friends in Starbux, gossiping on the phone, watching your favourite tv progamme, staying for ‘just one more glass of wine’. Think how many minutes we have in a day? To be exact there are 1,440 minutes in one day, I am positive you could spare 15 mins a day on YOURSELF.

I want to sit down and relax for 5 minutes!

The problem with sitting down is the 5 minutes turns into 10 minutes, which turns into 30 minutes. Exercise first and then sit down afterwards. You’ll find that after exercising you’ll be energized and won’t feel like sitting down.

I’ve just eaten!

There is no better time to go for a walk than after a meal. Keep the intensity lower and think of those calories burning.

I can’t leave the kids alone at home!

Take them with you and make a game of it, or swap baby sitting with a friend. If you join the Out-Fit camps, I run these at parks for that very reason. Most of us bring the kids with us and we exercise whilst they play – thus we provide healthy role models for our children.

I don’t actually like exercise!

Then try to find something you do like doing. Riding your bike? Skipping? Swimming? Make exercise into ‘play’ rather than hard work. Change your thinking around it. You will soon get those endorphins pumping and begin to associate exercise with ‘good’ feelings.

My partner won’t exercise with me!

A long walk or run on your own is a great time to reflect and think. Keep at it and your partner or friends will be motivated to join you. To be honest, I have to say that personally I exercise to get away from my partner and my son, and have that time to myself. I find it a useful tool to channel my anger and frustrations – stick the i-pod on and go!! ;-))

There is a good show on TV!

Video or i-player is a great invention, so having to watch a good show on TV is no excuse. Record the show, get your exercise done and watch the show afterwards, commercial free.

I’m on my holidays!

There is no better time to start exercising and get into the habit of exercising, than when you are on holiday. Use your free time being active and you will return home feeling even more relaxed and vibrant.

At some stage we will all have our excuses as to why we don’t exercise today or tomorrow. The truth is, most of the excuses are trivial compared to the massive benefits of exercise.

A stronger heart and lungs, the help in preventing osteoporosis and heart disease, the weight reduction, better sleep and a better sex life are major benefits of exercise that are too important to ignore.

What are your reasons for NOT exercising?


Charlie Wall






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