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Midweek Kettlebell workout for you :-)

Midweek Kettlebell workout for you :-)
August 23, 2015 Charli Wall
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During the week I got out there in the rain and completed a Kettlebell workout. I need to start getting back into my training following my lovely holiday in Crete. I use Kettlebells A LOT (those that follow this blog will know that) They are great for the female form and excellent for posterior chain strength (and by that I mean, back, bum and legs!) I believe in daily movement, even just walking for 30 mins a day will reap huge benefits for you 🙂

Here are just some of the things daily movement can help with:

? lowers stress ?
? improves circulation
? improves Mental Health
? lowers blood pressure
? improves memory
? enhances immune system
? Improves sleep ??
? improves sex ?

These are just some of the reasons I move.. Can you name any other benefits that you have felt from exercise or daily movement?



Here is the workout I did: 

‪#‎EMOM‬ >>> This stands for Every Minute on the Minute

1 Double handed KB Swing x 16
2. Single Arm swing x 10 L+R
3. Single arm snatch x 7 L+R

Repeat above for a total of 18 mins (Video Below)

It was quite lovely to be working out in the rain as it’s still warm here in the UK

Let me know if you do this one ✌


Charlie x



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