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May 28, 2014 Charli Wall

Yesterday I saw via my Facebook feed that literally 100’s of my friends had joined a 30 day Ab challenge. It went on and ON all day.. More and more people were joining it. So being the nosey individual I am I had a quick scan to see what it was about. I was interested to see what the program was, who was running it, and more importantly why so many people had signed themselves up to take part. One of the MAIN questions I get asked about via email and Facebook from ladies is “HOW DO I GET A FLAT TUMMY?”. It seems to be the most significant question I get asked, and judging by the number of my friends who have joined this event (Including men) it also seems to be an overwhelming desire too. The overriding cry at CBC is “MORE CORE WORK PLEASE!”  



When I ask them why the shout that can be heard is “I WANT A FLAT TUMMY!”



As part of our program at Cambridge Bootcamps we aim to educate women on their bodies, health and Nutrition, so I just wanted to explain a little bit here about what you can REALISTICALLY do to get a flatter tummy, and why potentially a 30 day ab challenge may not work for YOU.


1. Firstly the lady who has organised this very popular event seems to be a “Plexus Slim” seller.. This is a supposed weight loss pill. I found this really interesting article on the subject HERE. It may appear then that her motives for setting up the challenge are to sell you her products (*This is just my cynical opinion, I may be wrong) My own personal belief is that no weight loss or fat burning pill will bring any good to your life, and certainly will NOT bring you the HEALTH that will get you the results you are looking for.



2. It doesn’t matter how many crunches and sit-up’s you do in 30 days.. If your Nutrition and hydration isn’t any good then you will not lose fat from your stomach. You’ve heard the saying “You cannot out train a bad diet”? Well this is in fact TRUTH. If you are doing stomach crunches daily, but still eating bread, pasta, sandwiches, McDonalds, cakes, crisps, and drinking wine or fizzy drinks then the results will not come to you, and you may find yourself disappointed and disheartened 🙁 Especially if you did work hard every day doing these exercises.


3. New Mums may find this potentially even more damaging to their body/posture,  particularly if you have rectus separation or lower back pain (The latter goes for everyone) ~  It would appear that the majority of the exercises on the challenge are about performing repetitive reps incorporating spinal flexion which can harm those new Mums AND potentially cause more posture problems for the majority of us who already live in an anterior chain dominant society (Sitting down, driving a car, working at a computer, can you name any others? )  


4. Tummy fat is often caused by STRESS, and LACK OF SLEEP ~ Both of which most of the ladies I know deal with regularly. As well as the statement above (“You cannot out train a bad diet”) We also teach “You cannot out train a bad hormonal system”




IF your hormonal system is optimal you should be looking genetically how you were meant to look, sleeping amazingly, have great skin, hair, nails and not have unwanted fat deposits. If however your eating is out of whack, you enjoy the odd glass of vino or two , you suffer with sleep problems and feel tired most of the time then most likely your hormonal system will be playing havoc with your body, and one of those side effects is fat on the tummy. We teach you ALL about how to optimise your hormones at CBC by eating the right foods for YOUR body.


5. Drink more WATER –> Not sure this one needs any explanation…



Water is one of the most abundant and important substances in your body, making up 55-75 percent of your total bodyweight. Even the food you eat is roughly 70 percent water (if its healthy nourishing food and not processed.) Therefore drinking water will hugely benefit your liver in metabolising body fat. I could write a whole blog post on water but for now.. have a look at this picture 🙂




These are just some of the things we teach at CAMBRIDGE BOOTCAMPS 🙂


If you would like to book in for a free consultation to see how I can help you then just ring me on 07545284928.


You can see many of the REAL RESULTS we get from our ladies HERE!



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Love Charlie x




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