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I can’t tell you how good the Cambridge Bootcamps are… BUT…

I can’t tell you how good the Cambridge Bootcamps are… BUT…
October 4, 2009 Charli Wall

This lovely camp member can. Her name is Megan….

Read about her experience 🙂

I ran past Charlie’s poster on another bloody run that I’d had to literally drag myself into my joggers and trainers for after work. All I really wanted to do was eat cheese on toast, have a glass of wine and watch The One Show. Popped a bit of Whitney on my ipod and off I went.

Plod plod plod, then saw some posters on the fence. Stopped to read, really to take a breath because so unfit, but pretended to read all. Saw amazing bootcamp poster, called Charlie about ten minutes later, (entire run was about 9 mins long).

Anyway, a week later I was at my first bootcamp blinking in the sun in the middle of a park. Was bit nervous, didn’t know anyone. Soon we were all leaping around throwing bean bags and I didn’t know anyone’s name. Heard people shout ‘Mum’ instead of their names when throwing and was bit surprised but then realised Alex was in fact, really Lucy’s daughter and wasn’t just some strange thing we all did. The girls were literally awesome. Every time I thought I was going to die because inchworm nearly killed me, Gemma would be egging me on. Or Alex would be grimly surging forward ‘Come on, let’s get it done, gotta do it’. Then Charlie would be leaping around telling us all how proud she was. Plus watching all our techinique and telling us exactly how we should be doing it. After the 45 mins was up I actually felt amazing. Then really strangely, I WANTED to exercise. I started going for runs before work. I started going for runs after work regularly. I wanted to join in the chat when all the girls said what they’d done for their w.o. that week. I lost half a stone! Stopped drinking wine every night. I used to drink an entire litre of water in exercise classes just to run out and make excuse needed water for quick breather. Pretend I’d hurt my leg to avoid staying on X trainer, that kind of thing. Now I genuinely wanted to see my body changing, and seeing results when you’ve been working so hard is so rewarding.

The other week, when I really thought ‘this is amazing’ was a bit of an X Factor moment. Gemma pulled out a photo of this fat girl. We all said, ‘Err who’s that Gemma?’ (Gemma is stunning, beautiful beanpole). Turns out it was her. We all gasped and bonded a bit more. Just goes to show what being committed to exercise and a good diet can do. She literally looks amazing!

Basically, boot camp is tough. but it’s tough for 45 mins twice a week. And doing it outside, with Charlie motivating us all and encouraging us is amazing. She really knows her stuff. She’ll tell us about interval training, or the benefits of hip flexes, or she’ll post a new recipe she’s found. She makes a real point of speaking to everyone and helping us all achieve our targets. I can’t tell you how brilliant camp is, with everyone joining in, leaping over hurdle things, skipping, press ups etc. I have made so many great new friends and there’s a real sense of camaraderie there. Charlie does push you. Sometimes we play this poker game she’s made up. She’ll shuffle the cards before the game. You do actions to correspond with the cards you get. Only often, mysteriously, we’ll get rather a lot of jokers. Hence more inchworm or bear crawl or whatever Charlie’s decided that day. But you know what, it’s great being pushed. Exhilarating. You get pushed without realising it too. I realised the other week that we used to get two choices, the ‘easier one’ or the ‘harder one’ with exercises. Now we just seemed to do one, the harder one. It gets stepped up without you noticing, because you can achieve more! It’s also great doing it outside and not being trapped indoors. Funny moments too. Other week I had a new top on with an inbuilt bra supposedly, got right into inchworm and was delighted when finished. Stood up delightedly and Charlie discreetly tried to point out was flashing everyone my boobs (if any boys reading we don’t do this all the time). We play games, get stuck in and it’s so worth going.

If you’re reading this and want to get fit but don’t know how, or are daunted, please, just come along to the first bootcamp for free. See what it’s like and you’ll be hooked. I love all the girls there, they are so genuine and so much fun! And I can’t wait for our Christmas meal/night out. It’s also ok to be naughty sometimes!”


All the ladies have a phenomenal rapport and work extremely hard to support each other, and to push themselves during their camp experience.

Thank you Megan for writing such a fabulous blog.

See if for yourself on www.out-fit.ning.com



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