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Hurtling into week three..

Hurtling into week three..
May 22, 2011 Charli Wall

Good afternoon guys, my posts have been pretty sparce since day 10? I think?  I have been tremendously busy, and it turns out I WAS extremely pre-menstrual, and therefore was a BITCH for double reasons that first week haha!!

I know that many of the Cambridge Bootcamp girls are still going strong with their nutrition plans, and some may have fallen by the way side ~ However, I do know the encouragement and support from everyone regardless of their current detox status is amazing :0)

I have now completed 3 weeks, and had my minor op on Thursday of last week. This was a fairly unpleasant experience, but the Nurse specialist who looked after me was kind, calming and considerate. They gave me a local anesthetic (internally) whilst performing the procedure, and it just was not as bad as a. the first time I went in for the biposy, and b. I thought it was going to be.

I know when I have had operations in the past, I go into meltdown and take on a true addicts personality (smoking, drinking, over exercising, over working) But this time, I was much more in control and adult about the whole affair ~ (my inner addict was speaking to me that day A LOT, but I just ignored her and concentrated on healing myself).  This is a BIG change for me, and an important step in moving forward and taking control of one’s health.

The day after the procedure, I actually felt AWFUL.  All day, aching, bleeding, lethargy, however, I had two deliveries of raw chocolate by two separate amazing women, and I was happy and thankful for their thoughtfulness.  And slept most of the day in a raw chocolate haze  😉

The second day (Saturday) was the day of Polly Nobles bootcamp raw food worshop .  I am happy to say that I felt a lot better yesterday and very much enjoyed attending Polly’s workshop for my girls . Luckily, I had only consumed a green juice prior to the work-shop, as Polly makes a huge array of raw food delights, and the audience gets to taste these beautifully made foods. I know that my girls LOVED the work shop, and I know that Polly gave a fantastic presentation of her knowledge and wisdom about living with cancer.  Polly does not like to be known as Polly with cancer, but as Polly who kicked cancer’s butt, and that is exactly what she is doing.  She has a tremendous amount of knowledge about Nutrition, and this message compliments the message that I give the girls who attend the boot camps that I run.  Education and information is the key to a healthy body, and this is what we pride ourselves on giving at Cambridge Bootcamps     Thank you to all the lovely ladies who attended the work shop yesterday, I am sure we may well have been the most ‘lively’ bunch of women that Polly has ever presented too ;))

Polly has kindly agreed to add another date for the bootcamp raw food work-shop, so IF you are interested in sampling ‘Hemptastic chocolate’ , ‘Blueberry cheesecake’, or ‘Pasta pomodoro’  for the cheaper price of £30, take a look at the link here ——> http://pollynoble.com/boot-camp-class/    The date is the 4th June 2011.

Health and happiness really CAN be achieved just from looking at your Nutritional intake, even if you just add one glass of green juice per day, this can have a profound affect on your well being.

As for me, I hope to continue on this journey, and look at going one week completely raw (once Polly’s 7 day meal planner comes out) and I have taken my week off.  This next week, I won’t be blogging, as I am under strict instructions to take the week off and REST .  I really hope the boot camp girls go into week 4 all guns blazing and I will see you all on my return.

I will come back to a trial week for ALL the bootcamps, and we will also be in Velvet magazine this month :0) Go US!!!

For any information relating to the bootcamps, nutrition or 1-2-1 training, please contact us at cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com

Blog on PMT and Estrogen Dominance WILL come soon

Charlie Wall




Cambridge Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach :0)

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  1. sarah 12 years ago

    Glad it went well hun x Look after yourself 🙂

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