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FLY – First Love Yourself

FLY – First Love Yourself
April 9, 2020 Charli Wall
In life coach, mental health
Love Yourself

“Loving kindness towards ourselves doesn’t mean getting rid of anything. It means we can still be crazy after all these years. We can still be angry after all these years. We can still be timid or jealous or full of feelings of unworthiness.” – Pema Chodron

As I look into the mirror of my own self, I am aware of the many facets in which I have created my own demons, my own torture chambers, my own suffering, all of which I have come to unlearn over these last few years by shining a light on them with LOVING KINDNESS

There are many moments when I, this self, “thinks” I have come to the epitome of self-awareness only to be shown another lesson – often through seeing myself through the eyes of another, or when circumstances appear beyond my control (of course, life is always out of our control, we just ‘think’ it isn’t!)

As I sit here in week 3 of the COVID-19 lockdown it is becoming more and more apparent to me that we haven’t lost control of our lives, we have lost the illusion that we were ever in control

With every breath I breathe, I can choose to see life and myself through the eyes of love, or through the eyes of fear – life’s journey holds me just as I choose to see it unfold. I am always being held. You are always being held – we just don’t always know this.

You and I are the exact image of the love I know we all are, that love which is being shown in abundance everywhere I look.

If I am really honest with myself I have been the victim and the volunteer, the sinner and the saint, the drunk and the sober, the rich and the poor, the whore and the nun, I have been the selfish and the righteous, I have been honest and I have been a liar, I have been self-pitying and compassionate. I am all those things, and more.

These are just labels, labels we innocently experience as true in any one moment, but none of them ring True, not to the very essence of who you are.

It is our experience of those labels that give it the meaning for us, and thus how we respond to ourselves, and to others.

I have created an 11-moduled program called ‘FLY – First Love Yourself’ to explore all the ways in which you can learn to love yourself.

I designed the program as an exploration into who you Truly are, why you may have habits of behaviour you don’t like, the neuroscience behind our habits, how to access the peace and calm which is always within you, how to learn to love your unique and very special body and to allow you to experience insights and realisations that can lead you to love yourself first.

For the period of this lockdown, I am giving away this program for FREE!

If you’d like to access the program, please just hit this link.

You will get immediate access to Module 1, and my self-love guided meditation all delivered via a membership portal.

All modules will be delivered to your inbox once per day, for 11 days.

I know that you will find some comfort, and support within these pages to offer yourself some LOVING KINDNESS!

You deserve this,

Love, Charli x



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  1. Tina Stevenson 4 years ago

    Hello Charli…….yet again you come to my metal rescue!
    I have module 1 and 2 printed off and I have read through 1 and pencilled in my answers to the questions. Just writing those questions and reading quickly through have calmed my narrator immensely……he’s taken over completely at the moment and I’m an anxious wreck!
    Thank you charli
    Sending you love during this crazy time for us all ❤️💐🙏 xx

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