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Episode 73: Embracing your vulnerability & humanness as we lead from love with Jacqueline Moses

Episode 73: Embracing your vulnerability & humanness as we lead from love with Jacqueline Moses
February 13, 2023 Charli Wall
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This live episode of #couragedearheart is brought to you by myself interviewing the rather brilliant Jacquie Moses whom I first met whilst working with Elizabeth Lovius coaching corporate clients.

I was instantly taken by her gentle and kind presence.

She has been a guest for my Circle Community last year too. This year she agreed to be my podcast guest, and then come again into my circle community for live guest coaching, acquiring her the nickname: ‘The September Goddess’ My Circle Community:

Jacquie has extensive experience in designing and facilitating programs for business, education, back to work, and the criminal justice system.

She coaches and mentors people to achieve deeper levels of well-being, resilience, and results.

Jacquie is a regular speaker on well-being at International Conferences.

With 20+ years of experience, working with over 3000+ people; Jacquie has worked in a variety of diverse settings; with executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, young people, charities, schools, prisons, and the community sector. In her quest to do work that is truly transformational, Jacquie has been one of the first to train and mentor many pioneers in the 3 Principles field; Coach-U’s inaugural program, Landmark Education, Dr. Aaron Turner, Linda Pransky and Dicken Bettinger Ed.D.

She was a lead facilitator in a UK prison, where she facilitated weekly well-being groups, one to one sessions, and trained prisoners as peer facilitators.

The results of this program led to individuals having life-changing insights that have created sustainable change in the way they think, behave, and handle their addictions and prison life.

Published academic research from her extensive work in the criminal justice system, showed:
• significant increases in well-being and positive outlook on life
• significant reduction in self-harm, conflict, violence, challenging behavior, and re-offending

I hope you will join me for what will be a BRILLIANT conversation.

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