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Do you want to get back into exercise?

Do you want to get back into exercise?
June 20, 2015 Charli Wall
|| • SATURDAY • SHRED • || Amazing session with the #CBC crew || Strength || Kettlebells || Sprinting || Aerobic Training || Team Work || http://cambridgebootcamps.com  We are a strong community of ladies  x

|| • SATURDAY • SHRED • || Amazing session with the #CBC crew || Strength || Kettlebells || Sprinting || Aerobic Training || Team Work || http://cambridgebootcamps.com
We are a strong community of ladies x

Has it been a while since you were able to fit in any exercise for you? Do you want to make the time to fit something in for YOU to feel better? There are SO MANY benefits to doing exercise.. Its not JUST about losing those stubborn inches. It is also about your health, well being and hormonal system. If all these are functioning optimally you will feel like a million dollars!

This is a quote from an email I received yesterday from a 58 year old client “Went to the Dr last night for another check up – my blood pressure is right down – she asked what I was doing different – I told her Bootcamps with YOU! Thanks for everything

We’ve all been there…. having a week off from training, being poorly and not being able to train, or having kids and just having NO time for yourself… a week becomes and month, and a month becomes a year. Before you know it you have lost all your confidence and talk yourself regularly out of doing any typeof activity…

Here are some pointers which may help you..

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself:

Okay, the first thing you need to do is get rid of that guilt! Continuously punishing yourself and setting super high expectations that you might not ever reach is only going to be detrimental to you. If you have been feeling bad every time you pass someone out running on the roads or seeing ladies exercising, let go of that feeling and instead replace it with the newfound excitement of starting up again and reaching your goals. Remember that note book I asked you to carry around with you? Start writing down what you think you may enjoy doing.. even if it is just getting out for a walk every day. Make some time to do that rather than feeling bad about you.

Take it Slowly:

No matter what the reason for a break – whether it be injury, sickness or just getting busy and having no time – it is important you don’t try to rush back into it – Whatever you do, wherever you choose to start training tell the coaches that you have had some time off. We at CambridgeBootcamps take great care with our newbies as they come from every walk of life, and every age. The youngest being 13, the oldest being 65. They are all encouraged to work at their own pace and take it SLOWLY 😉

Start Fresh:

A lot of the time, people take a break from exercising because they plateau or get bored with their workout routine. One of my BIGGEST tips when it comes to motivation is finding something that you actually enjoy doing. Exercising is not a “one size fits all” thing. There are so many ways you can workout, you just need to find the one that makes you happy. If you are barely getting through your workouts and just dreading every one, you are not going to be able to sustain it. Find a routine that works for you, and if your previous one wasn’t, then ditch it. You may enjoy taking classes, being outside, working out on your own or with a friend. Whatever it is, it should make you excited to keep going and work towards reaching your goals!

Find a community:

One of our greatest assets at CBC is the phenomenal community we have built up behind the scenes. A “Tribe” of CBC women both offline and online who all have the same goal. To empower and support each other, to find their own unique strength and have more confidence in themselves. They love the camaraderie that CBC provides and we miss them if they are not there. (This applies to our online group too)

Whatever you choose to do have a look to see how the clients are treated. Is there a community you can be a part of, accountable to? Is their vision the same as yours? This will help to keep you motivated above and beyond what you thought you could be 🙂

Finding your motivation:

“You want me to do something… tell me I can’t do it -Maya Angelou”

Motivation is one of those feelings I wish I could sell.. It can come and go in an instant! Setting a time for exercising and sticking to it helps.. Finding something you LOVE can be equally motivating as we discussed above.. Rewarding yourself with a homemade smoothie with all your favourite foods in for POST the workout can be an awesome intrinsic motivator. Research suggests that over time you will love getting the endorphins from the exercise and that that in itself should be ‘reward’ enough.. *fingers crossed*

I think I can safely say that all of us have attempted and failed at creating a new habit or changing an old habit at a few points in our lives. It can be hard to change old ways and create new ones.

Part of creating a new habit and making it stick is to find ways to make the experience a positive one.. – Keep that little journal with you (as I have mentioned a few times already in these emails) Write down and document when you have worked out.. this will help you keep track and see any progress you have made in those early days. Joining a lively community such as we have at CBC will give you positive feedback from like minded ladies who WANT you to come back.. (A great motivator)

Talk to your friends and family about your lifestyle change, or your goals. The more people that are aware of the journey you are about to embark on the more positive and supportive people will be. Blogging about it can be a great way to do this and to stay accountable to yourself and others. If people expect the daily updates, you will feel motivated to do your exercise so that you can tell people about it.

In the end, you have to really want to do the exercises.. and find your WHY (which I wrote about here)

Warm wishes,

Charlie x



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