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Diets are a bunch of Crap!!

Diets are a bunch of Crap!!
August 24, 2010 Charli Wall

Diets really are a waste of time, seriously, they truly SUCK if you want to achieve proper health and vitality, and who REALLY wants to be on a diet (when it starts with the word DIE!!)


Many of us get trapped on a treadmill of looking for the next best ‘quick fix’ to lose weight, then rather than sticking to any kind of wise food choices, blame the diet (rather than ourselves) and go back to feeling ‘fat’, helpless, and a slave to the choccie biscuits and wine!  I dread to think how much money is being spent on ‘DIE-ets’, from Weight Watchers to the South Beach Diet, Atkins and Slim Fast.. Oh, and there is also a new wave of adult Anorexia which according to recent studies is on the rise in women in their late 30’s/ early 40’s.

This all strikes me as VERY worrying. First and foremost how many women out there have BODY ISSUES??  How many of us are uncomfortable in our own skin? How many of us are doing permanent damage to our very precious systems? How many of us feel constantly sick and tired, and medicate with pills, potions and booze?? Do we realise that all these terrible diet based decisions are leading to a population that has more cancer, diabetes and obesity than ever before?

Lets get this straight, without a doubt the best thing you can do for your body is learn to RESPECT it, and feed it with natural, wholesome alkalising foods and water.

I know I have posted a lot about the Acid/Alkaline balance, so I will try and put it succinctly here. Our bodies are meant to be slightly alkaline, which means the pH of our bodily fluids are designed to be a pHof 7.365. Our bodies will do whatever it takes to maintain that pH. This means taking vital nutrients and minerals from our sytem. Such minerals as magnesium, iodine, zinc, calcium etc are all alkaline minerals, so we are left depleted of these minerals causing lethargy, depression, stress, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, diabetes, sleep problems, skin issues, low sex drive (I could go on!) The other important thing to remember here is that the body needs store the excess acid.. How do you think it does that? By creating FAT STORES… So, basically we are overweight because our bodies are trying to PROTECT us from the acidic onslaught.

Women’s confidence is very much tied up with body image, but how can we become confident and brimming with energy if we are continually battling internally with a high pH acid?  This is information you will NOT receive from faddy diets or GP’s who rely on making money out of our illnesses and misery. GP’s will offer you antibiotics, anti-depressants, counselling… Anything other than sound nutritional advice. Slimming world and WW want you to keep coming back and promote sugary ‘treats’ to keep you on the treadmill. This is ridiculousness!!

There is enough information out there on the internet for us to empower ourselves, our bodies and take control of our lives.

My advice – alkalise your system:

  • Get enough REST, take time out for you , whatever form that takes, DO IT!!  You have time for TV/ Facebook, you have time to take ‘TIME OUT’
  • Eat fresh (organic if possible) foods, more vegetables and greens than anything else
  • Get in the sunshine as much as possible, exercise outside, go for a walk (Vit D is also a major nutrient we are becoming more and more deficient in)
  • Limit your meat and animal proteins
  • Drink fresh water all day (not tap water), keeping your system hydrated is the MOST important thing you can do for your energy levels and weight loss goals
  • Exercise regularly, and have fun with it 🙂
  • Try to be nice to each other (Believe it or not, thinking nasty revengeful thoughts makes us more acidic). Smiles, laughter, hugs, flowers, kind gestures make us more alkaline

The more alkaline we are, the more likely we are to be happy, healthy and our natural body shape and size.

Do me a favour.. Stop looking for the next ‘quick fix’, use your common sense and go back to basics, and be the woman (person) you should be – Strong, confident, happy and ENERGISED!!

Recommended reading:

Green for Life – Victoria Boutenko

The China Study – Dr T Colin Campbell 


Charlie Wall



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