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December 18, 2014 Charli Wall

Hey ladies, as ALWAYS I want to talk about the year that was 2014 for Cambridge Bootcamps  (my second baby really) and we celebrated the 5th Birthday in style this year with a bunch of beautiful women punting on the River cam..



Celebrating 5 years is an achievement in itself… BUT it is because of the ladies that I work with that I am lucky enough to still be here and going through my 6th winter… (Brrrrrr 😉 )

Here are just a FEW of the achievements made by my fab ladies: 

Murray Minx : Cut her marathon Personal Best time by a whopping 15 mins!

Catherine N : Persuaded her husband to let her re-start bootcamp after a year off and she feels sooo much better for it!

Penny English: Completed her first Spartan Race.


Cat Streather:  Can now swing a kettlebell she didnt even think she would be able to lift when she started bootcamp 7 months ago and she also finished Spartan 🙂

MaryLou: Can now run a full 400m AND has gone up to swinging a 12kg Kettlebell!

Sara Hodge-Bruce:  “I can run (when at bootcamp), can do more than 10 press ups without needing to stop and for the first time ever tackled jump lunges this morning! Seriously feel fitter and healthier and love the morning buzz”

Pam Henderson: “I have qualified as a bootcamp coach. Also did my second ever 10k competition and knocked 20% off my Personal Best”

Julia Felgate-Barker: “I conceived and thanks to Charlie I had the confidence to continue to stay active and keep up bootcamp for 6+ months into pregnancy”

Nicky Hughes: “This the end of my third week and have lost almost 3 pounds – was on a slippery slope of weight gain prior to joining”

Lily Kwok: can now swing a 16kg kettlebell 😉

Anna Marsden:  “I now know there are two 6 o’clocks in one day! #newexperience “

Sarah Pope: Has lost a stone since joining in May of this year!

Hilary Conlan: “I can do 20 tricep dips – could not do more than 2 at a time.”

Debbie Thorp: “Willingly taking the stairs and not getting as out of breath as before – it’s a great feeling”.

There are SO many unique, group and individual achievements within CBC! It makes me extraordinarily proud to be a part of this community…..

As for me…. well, I qualified as a Strong First Kettlebell Coach back in May which was one of the toughest things I have EVER done; I completed the Spartan and the Mudderella Races this year with some STRONG ladies 😉


I qualified as a Nutritional Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Health + completed the Body Type Nutrition Foundation course…

My main achievement as always is to celebrate the women that make up Cambridge Bootcamps – They are all positive, strong, determined, fierce females who come out in all weathers (and yes that does include all you lot who leave once the clocks go back 😉 I salute you all.. without you I would not be half the woman I am ~ so THANK YOU !

HERE is a little video with some of our moments of 2014 on there 

Have a wonderful new year ladies and I will see you bright and breezy to start Jan 2015 with a Big BANG!

Charlie x

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