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Celebrate Feb 13th with us…

Celebrate Feb 13th with us…
February 10, 2015 Charli Wall

We all know what February the 14th <3 means around the world… If you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a significant other it can represent a day of unbridled love.

The reality for most people though is to be reminded of the fact that they are single and not loved. Or that they may not be happy within their chosen relationship, or that they may indeed just not be happy within themselves..

Sooo what I would like to do is celebrate the International Day of Self Love on Friday the 13th Feb … (When I innocently  mentioned this to my bootcamp crew early this morning I was greeted with sniggers, giggles, and an “Oooo-eeeeerrrr”)

Whilst I am all for a bit of self-help 😉 What I had hoped to get the girls (and you) to think about is how we treat ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and have a day of reflection where we make a pact to really look after ourselves!

I haven’t even made this day up!! It really exists 😀  It was started in 2013 by a lady called Christine Arylo – This is what she had to say ~

 “The International Day of Self-Love serves to strengthen a person’s feeling of being loved, so that by February 14th they don’t need anyone else to give them love,” says Arylo. “Any love that shows up is extra. And they are so full of love that on February 14th they are able to give love to all the people they love, not just their romantic partner. When they’re filled up with love, and steeped in their Love Power, the loneliness and let-down just don’t show up.”

How many times a day do you hear your own voice say mean or cruel things about you? How many times do you look in the mirror and pull a funny face, pulling at your body in a negative critical way? (Whether you have a significant other or not)

Let’s have one day this week *MINIMUM* where we focus entirely on being kind to our soul.. 🙂

1. Let’s focus on our STRENGTHS, not our weaknesses ~ In my professional and personal life I hear so many women putting themselves down, comparing themselves to someone else, having an inner negative dialogue with themselves. We are all different, we are all unique. We are made differently and that is what makes us all so special. Our habits, our life experiences are also what makes us unique – Let’s all take a moment to think about the compliments we have received.. How did they make you feel? Did you write them down? Do you remember the compliments? Or do you focus on the negatives people say? Try to focus your energies this Friday to remember all the amazing things your friends have said about you, or ask them to tell you what they love about you. Write them down. Make sure to spend your time with those who lift you up, make you laugh, make you feel energised.

2. Love your body ~ For what it is, for eyes that see, ears that hear, mouths that can taste + talk, legs that can walk/ run (I hope) Whatever, take a moment to appreciate your body for all that it does for you.. Be proud of what it (you) have accomplished. Be PROUD of your body.

3. Be Compassionate to yourself ~ We all make mistakes (I have made a gazillion of them over the years) but this is what makes us human, and again, unique. Treat you like you would a friend who came to you asking for advice on a mistake she had made. Would you talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself, or would you have compassion / empathy? We deserve the same compassion + empathy  for ourselves from ourselves. There is a lovely blog post on compassion HERE by Amy Poehler who puts it more eloquently than I do 🙂

4. Remember that today is a new day (and that goes for whatever day you happen to be reading this blog) ~ A chance to set new challenges, new goals, go out and kick arse today and know that you will give your absolute best to achieve them. Even if that means making time to run yourself an Epsom Salt bath and give yourself 10 minutes me time 🙂 Your life is not scripted, you can and will make the changes you need to if you put your mind to it. You can make goals and smash them, you can learn speak kindly to yourself.. It may just start with today, but try if you can, to make it a habit.. Start your day by focusing on one thing (just one to start with) that you love about you. Maybe next week focus on two things…and so on.. Make this a habit.. Each day is a new day!

5. Make TIME for you ~ Even if it is just 10 mins a day (Or even just for today?) to rest, be silent and listen to your soul. I have found a fabulous little app called HeadSpace which I ask the girls on my 4 week plan to commit to daily. It is a really helpful tool to help the meditation process, to help calm down the mind and encourage a break from the busy chatter we have going on daily (sometimes nightly too).. I have found this also really helps me to fall asleep better at night (along with my Magnesium). I cannot recommend this highly enough!

6. Own the fact that you are AMAZING ~ Thats all, nuff said 🙂 



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