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My Son is a LEDGE! :)

My Son is a LEDGE! :)
October 10, 2013 Charli Wall

Yesterday my 13 year old son came home from school and told me about his day.. This is in all honesty not THAT unusual, but now he is growing into a hormone ball it is a rare treat when he speaks to me after school 😉

He walked in and we were chatting away, when he asked me a question..

Z “Mum”

me “Yes?”

Z “Is Lucozade healthy?”

me “errm, not really…” Wondering where this is going.. Is he starting to drink Lucozade.. all panic thoughts going through my head..

Z “Is it good for you when you are exercising?”

me “NO, it isn’t good for you when you are exercising..” and before I had a chance to continue..

Z “I KNEW it!! Our Science teacher was teaching us today that effective Nutrition when training would be a Lucozade drink, pasta and bread. I questioned her (*the teacher) and was told that I should be quiet as she was taking the lesson, and if I didn’t I would have to wait outside”

This my friends’ is my son’s Science lesson at age 13! I am very careful with my son not to scaremonger him about his diet, but he has been bought up to know what is healthy and what isn’t healthy. He also trains at our local Crossfit box and all the coaches there reinforce my Nutrition values with him… Not forcefully… Just gently – Zak, my son has taken all this on board and is fully aware that fizzy drinks are the devil / water is what hydrates you, and that bread is NOT something you should be eating if you want to get the best results out of your training! HE IS THIRTEEN!!

I am SO PROUD that I have taught him the ability to question what he is being taught, and not to be indoctrinated into this world of false information and advertising. His argument to the teacher was that WATER would hydrate you efficiently.. I have to say YES I agree… (That and coconut water ;))

Why do you think WATER + SLEEP are not promoted as recovery tools??? Because NO-ONE makes money out of water and sleep!!

I am SO PROUD that he hasn’t bought into the millions they spend on advertising marketing tools telling children that Lucozade will keep them ENERGISED or ENHANCE their performance!

I am SO PROUD that he speaks to his friends on how CRAP all the sugary drinks/ sugary treats are that many of them buy from the VERY UNHEALTHY tuck shop at his school or our local Tesco’s… Now please don’t think I think my son is perfect.. he is as perfect as I am .. Ahem..

We do eat sweets occasionally but we also understand the difference between hydration / dehydration / good nutrition and bad nutrition, AND more importantly BALANCE!!

If you would like to know more about how to eat nutritiously or for performance then hit me up at cambridgebootcamps@gmail.com OR you could come to this amazing workshop I am putting on run by Keris and Matt of FITTER FOOD (london)

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Have a GREAT day all…. and put that Lucozade bottle DOWN!!




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