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Cambridge Bootcamps meets the original Kettlebell Queen!

Cambridge Bootcamps meets the original Kettlebell Queen!
April 8, 2012 Charli Wall

Yesterday I had had an awesome day at a Kettlebell workshop in London with none other than Kettlebell Queen Lauren Brooks. I discovered Lauren almost 4 years ago after being introduced to Kettlebells by someone I deeply respected as I was a newbie to the Fitness Industry – My friend said they were a great all-round excercise for cardio, core and muscle definition and they sounded amazingly versatile. I began googling all I could about Kettlebells and came across Mike Mahler (whom I trained with last year, and will be again this June), Steve Cotter, and Lauren Brookes. I have since followed and watched these guys to learn from the best, and train to be the best that I can be. Lauren herself has had two C-Sections and still lifts VERY HEAVY!!! See the following video of Lauren doing a TGU with a 24Kg Kettlebell!! 😀 http://youtu.be/GS7wQEMl7kg  (Turkish Get Up)


See this picture of Lauren performing a Goblet Squat with a 60lb Kettlebell!!!

I attended the course with my two TOP #Cambridgebootcamps coaches Laura and Adrijana, AND I got to see one of my PT besties, and trainer to Bear Grylls – Natalie from AF Fitness

Unfortunately for me, I have been knocked down with a chronic viral infection for the last 3 weeks, which meant that I couldn’t train with the girls. This was TORTURE for me, but I did get to watch all Lauren’s moves, and my ladies swinging some heavy weights about 🙂  I absolutely LOVED being taught the TGU the way that Lauren executes it, as taught by the RKC kettlebell peeps. I have genuinely watched Lauren perform this move, on YouTube, and every DVD she has produced. To say she has been an inspiration of mine for the last 4 years is an understatement – She epitomises everything a strong healthy female should be. She lives, eats and breathes HEALTH, and lifting STRONG.

I have been training with kettlebells for some years now, and I enjoy training my female clients using bells, however I was able to pick up loads of awesome tips for teaching and my own practice. I love learning, and I am always the student no matter how many years I teach others.

I am very much looking forward to getting over this virus so that I can regain some strength and work on my own lifting, swings and SNATCHES  😉

I very much enjoyed spending the time with my SWING SISTA’s Natalie, Laura and Adrijana, all of whom I am very proud of. Now, aside from getting better, I need to persuade my other half that I really should do the RKC course in October, as well as training with Mike Mahler (again) in June 😉

Have fun guys, get yourself a kettlebell and join us at the Cambridge Bootcamps where we do crossfit, female only strength training and conditioning. Free trials at any of our  7 locations, at Parkers Piece, Cherry Hinton Hall park, Histon rd Rec, Histon, Girton, Newmarket and Burwell.  You have NOTHING to lose, and everything to gain by joining our amazing community of supportive women.

See HERE for just one of the results we get, OH, and HERE , and just one more for you HERE  😉

We also offer 1-2-1 Kettlebell Training for women in Cambridge if this is something you are interested in.

Speak soon,

Charlie Wall





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