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Are you getting enough Vitamin L ..

Are you getting enough Vitamin L ..
February 7, 2014 Charli Wall

Vitamin L .. more commonly known as the LOVE VITAMIN.. ONE of the most important nutritents for optimal health + well being..

Vitamin L can be found in all sorts of places if you look for it including, lovers, parents, syblings, children, grandparents, friends and pets. It can be found in places, art, flowers, trees, plants + food.

It has been said that Vitamin L can help to HEAL a huge amount of disease or sadness and has absolutely NO hideous side effects if you have too much of it 😉

Vitamin L stands for LOVE, and having fulfilling relationships in your life is one of the essential ways to “feed” yourself.

LOVE YOURSELF – How do you say “I love me” ?



  • Accept yourself –> Stop with the negative self talk. Notice the self criticism and stop it in its tracks. Recognise your BEAUTY.
  • Take care + respect your body –> By eating nourishing foods + making time to exercise.
  • Treat yourself –> To a gorgeous relaxing massage, make over, spa day


LOVE YOUR FRIENDS – Make time for + treaure your friendships. We all need to be reminded that we are a friend, and that we have a friend. You never know what may be going on for someone else. Get in touch, say HI, you’ll be spreading happiness + smiles if nothing else 🙂




  • Reconnect if you have lost touch
  • Show them you care
  • Spread the love by introducing your friends to other people you love and trust.
  • Giving to others cultivates more meaning into your life


GIVING SOMEONE A HUG.. Creates the HORMONE Oxytocin..

More commonly known as the LOVE hormone… This is released when we:

  • Hug someone
  • Kiss someone
  • Have an organsm
  • When women are in labour
  • Give a present to someone
  • Laughing
  • Taking a walk
  • Chatting to someone on the phone/ face to face
  • Eating good nutritious healthy foods 😉
  • Deep breathing/ meditation
  • listen to relaxing music





These are very simple things that you can do to help increase Vitamin L which in turn can increase Oxytocin, which in turn decreases inflammation + fat storage (BONUS) and just generally keeps us HAPPY+HEALTHY.

Vitamin L is the catalyst to ALL human functions particularly our heart function + the circulation of JOY and WARMTH.

Love is food for the heart and soul. It nourishes our bodies, our minds, and spirits. Getting enough Vitamin L is one of the most important ways we can ‘feed’ ourselves. So look after yourself and make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin L.




Love Charlie x


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