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My own 4 week Accountability Challenge

My own 4 week Accountability Challenge
June 12, 2015 Charli Wall



Putting myself out there!! 🙌🙌🙌 I’ve been posting my ‪#‎Accountability‬ workouts for sometime now.
I’ve also been following my own Nutrition guidelines that work in conjunction with my own unique body system. This means that I too have been following the 4 week accountability group WITH the ladies that took part 🙂

The photo above has been taken 4 weeks apart BUT I’ve been working on myself for the last few months ~ well really since the Christmas blow out!

I do like progress pictures ~ it’s so motivating to see where you’ve come from and where you can possibly go. I know some people are against posting before + after pictures of ladies in case we have a view that we’re not worthy in the “before” picture. In this instance it’s not that I wasn’t worthy – I was still strong/ I still trained hard/ but I wasn’t looking after my mind + soul in the way I am now.

I like to see visual progress. We are often our own worst enemies. If I hadn’t take these progress shots id have no idea what I looked like (Read ‪#‎BodyDysmorphia‬)

I work with lots and lots of women who suffer with body dysmorphia + they just cannot see how strong, beautiful + real they are. No photoshop. No filter. Just real women.

Most of the work I do is about teaching ladies about mindset, nutrition, self esteem.
I’m quite honest about my own journey and the fact that like a lot of women I struggle with many things. It’s harder now I’m 43 for definite but it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

I believe that I can do this. I believe that I can carry on. I believe I am worth fighting for.
let’s love our bodies for what they are and give them the proper appreciation they deserve for all they do for us !

I am proud of what I have accomplished these last few weeks and I plan to continue.
remember we are all so different !! We will all see and feel a different kind of progress. For some of us this may take longer than others. Finding what’s right for you and your body is what’s key.
Do your own best journey and take pride in you.

Charlie 🙂

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