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May 13, 2011 Charli Wall

Days 8 + 9+10  :0) Cambridge Personal Trainer is NOT pre-menstrual ;))

Hah! So, it turns out that last weeks BITCH was literally due to the detox, and not entirely my hormones… Well, I say that but hormones play a BIG part in how we are on a day to day basis, and if they are out of whack, it causes ALL SORTS OF ISSUES.. – Including weight gain, depression, lethargy, brain fog, sleeplessness, Infertility, abdominal fat to name but a few.

I will be talking about these issues, but learning so much about the PMS and female hormones I need more time to write it all down. I will hopefully get this written at the w.e

As for the detox, I am feeling A LOT better.. One of the girls was asking me what I am eating, so I will give you a basic outline of what I had today, which is fairly similar to most days.

I wake up early (for camps) and have a pint of water with lemon and chlorophyll in.  Sometimes I have a green juice or a smoothie when I finish camp, and then breakfast (Chia seeds and nut milk; scrambled eggs, salad) OR, if I am training after Zak goes to school (like today), I had a hemp protein smoothie ~ coconut milk, hemp powder, chia seeds, PB and raspberries.  I will then train and have mackerel and avacado afterwards.

If I train I use mainly bodyweight TABATTA training which I LOVE as time is precious to me, and this type of training burns fat more effectively that long state steady cardio.  This article by Rachel Cosgrove explains this phenomenon really well, so I will link to it here http://figureathlete.t-nation.com/free_online_article/training/the_final_nail_in_the_cardio_coffin

This evening I will have organic salmon cooked in coconut butter, with loads and loads of greens :0)

I look forward to working out tomorrow, and beginning another day.

If you need another good resource, please do look at Polly Nobles site too. Polly has kindly offered to do a work-shop for the bootcamp girls at a reduced rate (£30) link here ->http://pollynoble.com/boot-camp-class/  The first class sold out in one day, so this day is being held on the 4th June. She is an inspiration and a very wise young woman.

See you soon bootcamp chicks, hope you are all still going strong 🙂

Charlie Wall

Cambridge Fitness Coach




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